So It Is.....

Hey Y'all!!!!

so happy new year, barka de sallah, or whatever else is applicable i guess. I haven't been on here in a bit but a lot has been going on.


I got a boyfie yay!

I got a business yay!


it's just been hectic and when i really think about it, it's quite a lesson that i'm still standing somewhat.

oh boy. life is a funny thing. I feel like i've done so much growing up in the last couple of months that it's amazing really. Every now and then I try to take a step back and just enjoy the view while i'm going through it.

On Relationship
Relationships are hard my people. I never thought about it before but now that i'm in it, i can't believe how hard it is. Now i have a different appreciation for people in love and trying to keep the love alive, healthy, and well. It's all hard work really. In the past, I've just dated people who had very divided interests, to me i found that easy to manage, at least i was used to it. Now it's slightly different. I have an angel of a man though and I'm immensely greatful that if i have to go through this growing up phase then there's no one else i'd like to have as a partner through it all.

On Business
I read something recently that said being an entrepreneur is "a lot harder and takes longer than you think when you first started". And that is the golden truth of entrepreneurship. And to do it in Lagos!!!! wow. It assaults all your senses and engages the core of who you are as an individual. If you have any flaws (and we all do) be prepared to have them highlighted at full force. Running BRENTT has been the most fulfilling, the most challenging thing i've ever done in my life. It's a constant commitment. Sometimes i think, wouldn't it just be easier to go to work at 9am and come back at 6pm, and call it a day??? not worry about anything else but that your bill better get paid by the end of the month. However, my business is the love of my heart. I love the business with every fiber of my being and I'm sooo dedicated to it. Everytime i think about other options, I feel like it'll be like turning my back on my favorite child. I LOVE BRENTT. I dream every second of the day of how my first offices would look like, how the staff would look like, i imagine how it would be to walk in on my first day and see BRENTT behind the receptionist desk. I dream of McKinsey coming to me and saying how much? Lord help me. Lord strengthen me.

Ok that's it for now. Until next time....

take care of yourselves...and each other!