Pieces of Me

Just some words today my pretties. Does He Know is actually dear to me and this post started with me wanting to share it but then i wanted to share another and another. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Does He Know
he walks in a certain way
moves to a certain groove
his language speaks to me in a way i cannot say
and when he speaks i drown in his words
travelling the world in a second as he talks
i wonder is he feeling me like i feel
how long is it gonna take for him to see....

he's funny in a smart way
smart in a funny way
he doesn't know at night how i yearn for him
and when he speaks his eyes just light up
oh i can't say enough of how my heart jumps
i wonder is he feeling me like i feel
how long is it gonna take for him to see....

The Seduction

I imagine a beat playing
More like a theme song
Maybe the guitar riffs of Shaft
A confident swagger, slow stepping
He ain’t hearing the music
But he knows the rhythm well
Keep your eye on his steady feet
For his eyes, they mesmerize
And all he touches he tames
To the unknowing, the beat takes sway
Once more he has his way

Keep Floating

Keep floating
I release you to the wind so you can
Keep floating
Maybe reach a destination
Maybe ease a frustration
Keep floating
All the good you did to me
You can bring to them
Keep floating
As they hold hands
And they walk to a rhythm
Keep floating
Or maybe he’s on his knees
Hands shaking at those rings
Keep floating
Or she’s left alone wandering
Never knowing really
Keep floating
Keep floating
Keep floating
If the love we felt was that strong
Then I will command it hold on
And even if it’s not us two
May it keep floating to the right two