True Love Scans

Just a quick one (largely for the benefit of my sis!), here's the evidence of my True Love affair. The first one is the "interview" if you will, the second is the apology that's running in this month's issue, the third is the contents page of this month's issue that has a little baby pic of me in it.

No, i'm not vain at all! LOL.

By Fire By Force...LOL

Wow, what a week (or two weeks) I’ve had! Since I’ve returned from my vacation I noticed that many things just weren’t right. Something was off, with work, with my friends, with everything, it was just all off! I was so confused and conflicted. I was even thinking that maybe things were this bad before but I just didn’t see it cuz I was so anxious for a break, to visit my friends and family. But I knew really that that wasn’t it. Some things were different. People were reacting to me differently. So just intuitively I stepped up my prayers. Since I didn’t know what it was and I don’t think I’ve been acting differently, I just started to really pray to God to protect me first of all, to open my eyes to see these things that ordinarily you wouldn’t see, to give me the mind the correct any wrongdoings on my part, and to stand up for me where I can’t stand up for myself. In my heart I just kept praying that God should reveal the source of all these things that I thought strange. People that I cared about and held quite close to me where just behaving strangely towards me u know.

Not to go into too much details cuz you know this IS the internet, but let’s just say God answers prayers. Not everyone is who you think they are, and we all just have to be very vigilant. Some people will laugh in your face but in their hearts they are harboring envy, greed, hate, and whatever else you may have, talking behind your back, fueling idle gossip about you. And others still are harboring so much insecurity and let downs from their past and want you to carry it all on your own head so they won’t have to deal with it personally. Anybody who brings negativity into your life or who diminishes your worth or dismisses your person, abeg, their presence in your life needs to be re-evaluated.

I thank God that I’m in a place in my life now where I am grounded enough in who I am that these things don’t affect me in the way they would have in the past. I just brush it off and keep moving. I’m glad that I’m rooted in great family and friends.

What a week indeed! Like I said on my facebook, I’m really too gangsta for all this ish……if you don’t know u berra ASK SOMEBODY

PS - Several Intereting News Items
I read of a very interesting development in this entire "Oyo politics" saga. For those that don't know i'll give you a much collapsed version, basically, there's an old man in Oyo Chief Adedibu who is the ultimate godfather, and strongman of politics in Oyo. He is as we can guess PDP. Now there've been all kinds of story about intense thuggery, control of the State Senate (he's said to be behind the less than a day trial and impeachment of Governor Ladoja), stealing of ballot boxes, etc. He's son-in-law and I think nephew "won" a political position in the last elections. Anyway, the new Olubadan of Ibadan issued a directive yesterday that forbids anybody in his council to participate in politics. Basically he said you're either a traditional ruler/chief or your a politician, you can't be both or you loose your title. Which means people like Chief Adedibu have to decide what they want to be, answerable to only one mandate, and stop corrupting the system. I applaud this kind of progessive thinking by the Olubadan of Ibadan. Maybe now our historical systems of chiefdom et al can be restored instead of being bought or used as a pun for getting contracts.

The second news item of course is the burning issue of NYSC deployment for 2007. Apparently NYSC authorities have said that there's not enough budget for 2007 for all graduates so they are only mobilizing about 2/3 of all eligible graduates, leaving about 70,000 students hanging until next year. Now in Nigeria as we all know, you can't work until you've done you're NYSC so i'm just wondering for example, what these 70,000 f-ing people are supposed to do for the next f-ing YEAR! For example, LASU said it has over 2000 grads eligible, but NYSC has only allocated 800 spots for them the other 1200 peeps have to go F themselves. Now tell me these NYSC people have a clue.....

Thirdly, this Yar'adua thing is serious oh! He summoned the NYSC dude to Aso Rock sharp sharp, he apparently is committed to building Lagos as it is "the economic nerve centre of Nigeria", he reversed the sale of refineries, he's reviewing the allocation of oil blocks, most of his ministerial appointees are college educated!!! Don't let me down Yardy!

Whew! ok i'm done...

This Food is for White People

Hello my distinguished fellow bloggers, bloggees, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...I wrote a mail today that goes thus:

"I don't think it is right to tell me that this kind of food is only for the whites in modern day Nigeria"

As I sat writing the letter, I was thinking that never in my life did i think I was going to write such a letter, and worse, to have it all be about food! But alas, here I am. Here's the place my company has put me. For some reason food in the cafe is divided into two levels. First level is beans and plaintain, semo and okoro etc, - mass produced, like jail cell food (u know, think serving gruel in a jail), and then there's the second level which is fried brown rice with szechuan chicken, spaghetti and marinara sauce etc - served with fresh vegetables, etc. First level drinks ice block water (think ice block sold to keep soft drinks warm), second level gets bottled water. Current policy is..................First level is apparently for black people (i.e Nigerians - as long as ur name is Buki, ChiChi or Halima, u're in first level regardless of if your father is Bill Clinton), Second level is apparently for white people. They actually told me this. My thing is if I go to England what will the oyinbo give me to chop? eba and efo? or sandwhich and salad? They certainly won't tell me this food is for black people!

Anyway....I'm having faith though since i've finally complained about it, it will change soon sha....

Secondly, let me take the time to apologize for not updating or anything else. The computer has been absolutely down for the last week. It's working sporadically now so i'm using the opportunity to try and get this in.

Week's been crazy though, going through all kinds of emotional rollercoasters that I think life is just trying to fuck with me just for laughs. I mean seriously shady ish happening that the probability of them happening beforehand was very very low. It could all be chunked up to coincidence but hmmm..........this is nigeria so i'm just extra prayerful now cuz u sha never!

Anyway, if I can scan my interview from career file in true love I will do so and post it here asap. Found out that it's Lola Hassan from Virgin Nigeria's pic that included with my piece and mine may come out with her interview next month, if it does then i'll scan my pic along! stay fabulous y'all.


Ok, so.........

So i haven't blogged like i said i was going to. So sue me! Vacation is finally over and i must say i'm tres triste :o( I can hardly believe that the time flew by so fast but alas, work beckons and i must heed its horn blaring signal. So let me just quickly give a synopsis of what's going on:

ThisDay Music Fest
Lots of people are going on this bad boy, i just don't think i'll be going sha. The line up sounds fantastic and all and seems they took care of the N100,000 paying, sitting in white picnic chairs in a crowded area problem that really didn't do it for me last year, but I don't know........What i'm really wanting is anyone who knows the deal on where Ne-Yo and John Legend will be either staying or partying so i can go stalk them.........yeah, there's no shame in my game oh! If i come back with a little yellow John Legend baby won't y'all come to my baby shower?!?! na so.....

I noticed recently that i've been slacking in responding to comments left on my blog. I apologize for that oh! I really just didn't notice that I had stopped responding so I'll make more of an effort now. Afterall I wanna thank y'all for stopping by no?

Final Showdown at Work
I've been blogging for some time now that there's so much going on at my workplace and there's some sort of restructuring that we were all waiting for? well, that took place the day before my vac. So now i have a new job title and all, still not sure what that means.......i don't think it's bad, in fact i quite like it and it's in line with what i actually consider myself to be but still, it's weird. I am also now in a new unit which I'm not so sure how it will function. All this i have to look forward to as the work week begins for me after my hiatus.....i have to say though that I have a new/ refreshed way of looking at all this stuff now. Don't sweat the small stuff, stay your ground, and show results!

Lagos v. Boston
So as my mom and I were heading to the airport, I start to lament about why oh why can't nigerians (lagosians) just act like civilized humans instead of wild animals? i mean, americans aren't better than nigerians, so how come they follow rules? how come they don't have 5 lanes of cars going in one direction on a road clearly demarcated as a two way, one lane each? it don't make no sense to me. Anyhoo, so my mom then suggests that maybe someone should direct a documentary and show it on CNN called "How Crazy People Live"............ I just burst out laughing at that!!! so any directors out there want to take the mantle?

What Are You Doing?
There's been someone in my life since I was 19. He's been my best friend and confidant for almost all that time. When I was younger he wanted to take our relationship to the next level and me being so young at the time, I was scared, afraid, and unfocused so I gave all kinds of excuses. Still I always thought we would somehow get married. How could we not? Anyhoo, dude tells me recently that he's thinking of proposing to his girlfriend. I don't know how to deal with this or how to handle it.... I know I made a mistake and he's the good guy that got away but I was young at the time....I think i'm gonna get drunk and cry uncontrollably the day he actually tells me he's engaged....

Great Loves
which leads me to this question.....I was having a conversation with someone recently and they mentioned that so and so person was the great love of another person's life and that got me thinking, even though i'm still young, do I really have someone I can consider the great love of my life? Certainly there are people that are quite significant in my life, but THE great love? It's a hard question but i'm not married so that gives me hope that perhaps my great love is still in the future! how about you, who's the great love (romantic love) of your life?

Whew! see what a few extra hours at an airport will do for you?

Seven Things Meme

1. I HATE cockroaches. with a passion. I don't understand and can never understand why God had to create those monstrous weird looking things. I mean think about it, they're like weird giant bugs, and some of them can fly! And it's like there's nothing I can do they just keep coming back. I can fumigate like a million times and everything will be fine but give it a couple of weeks those DAMN things are back. One day, i'll invent a permanent end to their existence, worldwide.

2. I've dated someone much older than me and i've dated someone younger than me. It's not like i'm one of those age ain't nothing but a number people but I'll get to meet someone and then their personality takes over and i'm thinking to myself, ok, so i'll miss out of experiencing this person. I don't know i just don't think that age (don't worry there are some limits!) is a good enough reason not to date someone you otherwise like.

3. Strangely, most of my cousins are male. I just realized that now. And they're all tall and imposing (think 6'1+). Whenever we all get together (which is not often enough) everyone's towering over me and speaking in very loud tones (we can be obnoxious trust me)and i feel quite....little. Even my little (ok, younger) brother who's like 6'2 and medium build is now looking like my older bro. I always find myself having to yell to make my point!

4. I don't think i've ever had a "proper" boyfriend. For one, i've never lived in the same city as anyone i'm dating so that kinda always puts a damper on things. Yes, i'm finally admitting this but i don't think i'm alone either. I think the serial "boyfrienders" are in the minority, u know the ones that you'll always see them with Tope or John, and they are so committed to the teeth. I've always dated but not really that boyfriend boyfriend thing. Interesting no?

5. I don't eat red meat. No lamb or goatmeat or nothing. I actually used to be a vegetarian (pesco vegetarian i think, the ones that eat fish and animal by-products like eggs, milk, cheese). My roommates and best friends were all vegetarians so i just kinda picked up the diet and then u get to see that it's not that difficult really just know your diet and how to substitute essentials proteins etc. This was until i got home from college and my mom MADE ME start eating chicken. So now i eat poultry but I still can't eat red meat, most times it makes me want to puke plus my teeth are just not strong enough for it anymore.

6. I have lived and worked in 3 different countries on two different continents: USA, Canada, Nigeria; Africa and North America. I'm hoping to add an European country to that really soon, perhaps London, Paris, or Ireland. So any of you that lives in any of those countries want to holla and tell me what's up, i'd gladly take u up on that. I heard Ireland just got a black mayor no?

7. I'm a Quentin Tarantino FREAK. I'm a Kill Bill FREAK. As in, it's really serious oh! I was chatting to my friend once and in the background i heard just like two seconds of dialogue and i started to recite along and could paint the scene and what each person was doing. It was weird. LOL. And this is coming from someone who can never remember scenes and characters from any movie, i just never retain any of it. But give me O'Ren Ishii anytime!!! jeez that was a bad ass babe! "any other person got a fucking problem???" hehehe......

wow, this thing was actually hard to write and it took me like three days but i was determined LOL! so there u go.........i know i said i was gonna blog a lot while i've been on vac but it's just been crazy from here to there and tryna make sure i see everyone ha!

PS - to those who may have seen me in this new TRUE LOVE WA magazine, well, at least seen my name in the career file, i've been told it's not my pic! i know..........but i don't think i can deal with it until I get back. Chudeif you're reading this....abeg help me do something about this now abi? :o)