Ok, so I read the last post I just posted and also scrolled down and noticed all I've been talking about recently (relatively now, free me!) is entrepreneurship and depression....all important but boring topics lol! sorry, i can't help it. But to compensate, I was reading OluwaDee's blog and something jumped out at me: WAZOBIA!!!

Boy in the last few weeks i've been so crazy about the station ooo. To me it's the best station (along with Top Radio 90.9 of course hehehe...) around these parts. There's no other place to get the news for sure. I listen to Yaw in the morning then Matse in the afternoon and I can just stay engaged for hours and hours and hours. These guys are really good. For those that don't know what i'm talking about, WAZOBIA is essentially a radio station that broadcasts in pidgeon english. It's for the common man on the streets but the thing is I find the programming so relevant to Lagos life. The guys there are always discussing issues that matter, with none of the phoneee high-falluting crap you hear from the other stations. Thing is, even though YOU may not be listening to it, all your drivers, cooks, mayguards,etc are listening...and to me, that makes it the secret Advertising weapon for anyone who cares to reach the masses (and you should care after all). I'm confused to how come a large portion of manufacturers and co don't advertise on it.....we have such a chip on our shoulders in this country sha...

WAZOBIA Fm...95.1 Take a listen! (even if the managers are racist Lebanese folks who have no regard for Nigerians in totality outside of the money they collect from our pockets but i'll digress here....)

So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur

So You Want to be an Entrepreneur? (from Guy Kawasaki's speech)

10. Embrace the unknown.
09. Don't ask people to do something that you wouldn't do.

08. Focus on implementation.

07. Don't be paranoid.

06. Pursue entrepreneurship for the right reasons.

...Happiness is temporary and fleeting. It should not be the goal of entrepreneurship.

Joy is the right goal. Joy, by contrast, is unpredictable. It comes from pursuing interests and passions that do not "obviously" result in happiness. It comes from building a great team, from family, from friends and inexpensive if not free things.

05. Continue to learn.

04. Be brief.

03. Obey the absolutes.

02. Play to win.
Play to win and don't let the bozos convince you to do anything less. Indeed, the more bozos tell you that you can't succeed, the more you may be on to something.

Playing to win is one of the finest things you can do. It enables you to fulfill your potential. It enables you to improve the world and, conveniently, develop high expectations for everyone else too.

And what if you lose? Just make sure you lose while trying something grand .

01. Enjoy your family, friends, and colleagues before they are gone.

Forgive me guys, sometimes it seems that I just blog random things that don't make sense. Permit me to explain. At times, there are phases that I'm going throught that I think oh, it'd be wonderful for someone going through what i'm going through to just google it and land here! Some of you may remember my NYSC post, my PMDD post, and now here is my Entrepreneurship post.

June last year (almost a year ago!!!) I embarked on an entrepreneurship journey (Marketing Consultant in Nigeria - sorry that again was for google, lol, ok, i'll quit now!) It's been such a crazy and unbelievable journey. Everytime someone asks me how it is, I always say a few things:

1. It's more difficult and takes longer than you thought it was going to be when you first get in.

2. It challenges you greatly. Every human flaw you have will be tested and highlighted. You just have to deal with it.

3. There are no words to describe the feeling you get when you make your first buck. None. A fabulous sense of achievement that is so addictive, you plow through the next crazy difficult challenge just to get that high again.

So what is real and practical about starting a business on your own??? You have to have passio and you must be dedicated. Keep going even after the steam is all out. Your dream IS ACHEIVABLE!

Ciao bebes :o)