Welcome Back

Ahhh....I'm working on some website stuff and decided to come test it on the old blog and here I am again! I started reading and just realized, well I miss THIS blog :(

So what's been gwaning peeps? Howz everyone been? In blog world and out?

I've just been hanging around jare. I came back from Switzerland, took my GMAT, did alright but not as good as I would have liked. The thing just tire me jare. Plus I've been focusing on my business, family, and life generally. Oh I've got great and fabulous news for anyone who'd like to hear????

Ok, ok, hold your horses>>>


yes oh, yours truly is getting married to the love of her life. my boyfriend of less than a year (yikes!) proposed to me and I agreed to his proposal, lol. We are going to be married next year and so of course the flurry of planning that wedding is also upon me. Crazy that.

I don't know how I should describe being engaged. I feel like I'm watching another person's story unfold right before my eyes but everything is so familiar. Sometimes I can't believe it and pinch myself, as in, o'girl, na u oooo. Lol. Like sometimes I stare at my boyfriend and it's like i'm staring at my very own fairytale, and y'all thought fairytale's don't come true lol. We'll see sha, I hope to blog about it. But y'all know how I am with this blog now....

What else is going on?

Hmm, maybe I should wait till tomorrow when I'm less busy to continue all the gists. I promise I will be back. I miss this ol' fish bowl ;o)

love, peace, and hairgrease y'all!