Memories of Falling in Love...

Just browsing through blog world and landed at Overwhelmed Naija Babe's blog where she mentioned that her aunt made fried eggs on a firewood and I thought back.......

I remember the day I fell in love with him. We were hanging out as usual at our usual meeting spot, and I guess both of us didn't really want to leave. So we kept talking and talking knowing full well that the later it got, the higher the chance that I'd have to stay somewhere on the Island. After a little while I leaned over and asked him, "can I stay over yours?" and he answered that yes it was fine. We continued talking but inside of me I was already filling up with anxiety and expectation and slight fear. I had never even suggested staying at his place the numerous times we've hung out late into the night (or late in Lagos terms as in crossing third mainland at night is not something one should get used to..) let alone stayed there so this was going to be something new. Even though there had been tension in our friendship so far, we hadn't crossed any of those kinds of lines yet. Maybe? Maybe not......

So we get to his place in Ikoyi, and since he was moving the apartment was really a ghost of an apartment with nothing much left in it but memories. We settled down, got to talking and soon he just drifted off to sleep but I was wide awake. Mostly because the radio was on and I can never sleep with the radio on, but also cuz there was this man I admired so much, whom inspired me so much, sleeping next to me in his boxers and his tattoo. So I just lay there and let my thoughts drift over the sound of the radio. That's when Robin Thicke's song came on, "lost without youuuu...can't help does it feel........." and I became lost in those words, and in that moment, I gave in. I gave in to all the emotions.

Morning came. I barely slept really and mentioned that when he woke up and he nodded his head saying he kinda noticed. So we left it at that. He got up and asked what I wanted to eat, boasting that he cooks the best breakfast so I said to show me. We moved to the kitchen, which of course had a makeshift, just run through quality about it, no gas no stove. So he went to the balcony, lit the firewood there, and put the pan on. As the radio blared on in the kitchen, we diced and passed this and that, while the pan sizzled. Robin Thicke comes on the radio...."lost without you....can't help myself..." We both don't say anything just started singing along. I felt content in that moment and thought back to my surrender to this man under the influence of the same song in the dead of the night. I loved him then. But I couldn't say so, just joked about the caveman romance of the moment, he making sure I ate even if frying eggs by firewood in the early morning.

We went into his room and ate and talked. Just talked and morning lazied into afternoon and I didn't want to go. I knew I would have to but I knew I didn't want to. I could spend many more nights and days with this man. As I walked out the door that afternoon, I took a look back at the abandoned apartment where love grew. Just then he shut the door and we both walked away.

This mysterious "he" may read this blog and recognize the story and you know what, it's okay. That was a while ago and sometimes these things just happen!

If I Had The Money......

This post is entirely dedicated to all the things i would get if truly I had the money!!! I've been wanting to do this particular one for a while but so many things got in the way, alas, here it is sha..........i hope y'all luuuurves it and if there are any rich folks reading this and feeling philantrophic pls, buy one of them for me and i'll love you forever. i swear. lol! Enjoy!!!!

Range Rover

ok. how sexy is this thing??? like i can't really talk cuz just looking at it is a bit orgasmic for me. I don't know what it is as I don't usually go gaga over cars but naaa........seriously look at it!!! It also costs 21m naira apparently. Now a friend of mine recently told me he's getting this car and gosh you can't imagine all the things I put on the table as barter in just driving around the car with him. Yea...that bad. To all those expecting me to reel off a list of motor mumbo jumbo about specs and all that, sorry but you are going to be disappointed. this is where it ends. sexy car........

Ford Thunderbird

Ok. I didn't mean to talk about two cars but i just thought why not! The Ford T-Bird is my favorite car of all time. They stopped making them in like 2005 i think and I was sooo crushed as they've been my dream for a while and even still in this lifetime I will own a tbird oh, gba be! They're actually not very expensive for a car at about $40 to 50,000, I still can't afford it so I'm putting it on my if i had money day TBird Retro Generation, one day....

Royal Oak Offshore Lady Alinghi Chronograph

Just from the name sef you go know say too much efeezy meeeehn! I love this watch o! I've liked Audemars Piguet watches since my days in Ottawa, and then of course strolling down Copley Plaza in downtown Boston. Anyhoo, this baby will only set me back about $24,000! Not too much abi? LOL! but 'is beaurriful non?

Samsung G800

This is one of Samsung's new phone and yeeeeees, that's a 5.0 megapixel camera. I love Samsung since I bought a flip one last year that armed robbers stole from me just a few months after so since then i've been crazy for Samsungs and then I found this one. Plus I like G600 as well. so if anyone looooooooooves me. this is it. well after the Nokia E61i
Nokia E61i

I actually love this phone and I've been coveting it for quite some time now. First my colleague in the office I had it and I fell in love with it. Then when I was going to buy my ill-fated Samsung described above I saw it but was advised against it as per the E61 then didn't have a camera phone. And then this version came out and since then i've been seriously dreaming and fantasizing about it. The phone costs about N60,000 here. Now that's some serious change so "o gba riro" u know. I've almost bought it several times but I come to my senses very soon after and forget about it. I'm still looking for someone to buy me this phone or the IPhone. Thanks. Much Love.

Burj al-Arab Hotel, Dubai

Of course everyone has heard of the Burj al-Arab hotel in Dubai. We all also know it's the only 7 star hotel in the world currently (though a few others a being built in the same Dubai even an underwater hotel...........ok, so anyway...) I sha dream of visiting this place and staying there at least once before I kpai. It just seems like one of those things that would be just special once in a long while kinds of thing. You only live once abi?

W Hotel

My favorite hotel brand is Westin. I love their Heavenly Sleeper beds and if you've slept in one you'll know exactly what I mean. They always advertise it as sleeping on clouds and it kinda feels like that. Anyhoo, W hotel is an even posher hotel from the Starwood Hotels group of hotels and I've been obsessed ever since I found out about it. It's described as "uber-chic" and has all kinds of extras plus it's kinda like the hotel brand of choice for celebrities. I started falling in love with hotels when I started finding out I could stay at really good ones for cheap at LOL! My favorite W is actually the one in New York on Times Square. I always dream of staying there but i'm sure it's at least $400 per night (come to think of it that's how much you pay at Eko Hotels oh...........thieves!)

Sex Education

I’m a big big BIG supporter of educating young people about sex. I’ve had the opportunity to teach sex ed classes and I’m very proud of this. Recently I was watching Rubbing R*** oops, I mean, Rubbing Minds, on Channels TV (I haven’t paid my dstv bills which may also explain the onslaught of posts!) and the subject of the day was Pornography. Now the fact that Chude and co are even discussing this topic on national television deserves another post on its own but that’d be digressing….Anyhoo, a friend of mine who’s also on the panel of the show was of the opinion that porn is not only okay but in fact recommends it for young adults 12-18. Rightly, as adults the thought of a 12 year old watching or looking at porn is cringe-worthy and while I don’t particularly subscribe to that point of view, I do believe that it is critical for teenagers in that bracket to be exposed to proper sex education. Watching that show, I started thinking about sex ed generally.

Let’s face it, we’re all curious human beings subjected to the whims of our natural hormones and composition. Certainly by 12 years old we are growing into our bodies, noticing the changes and the reasons for the changes, being aware of ourselves as sexual beings. Curiosity sets in at this age and is even aided along by what we see or read or witness in our peer groups (and I’m not just talking of tv and magazines but of real life). There’s no way you can show me a 12 year old who is not aware of sex and trying to figure out what role it plays or perhaps will play in their lives as an adult being. Now I truly believe that proper sex ed helps to vent these emerging curiosities and help to provide the necessary tools to have an healthy attitude towards it and make the right, informed decisions.

Proper sex ed first and foremost validates the particular pubescent stage in that teenager’s life. It’s about saying, ok, there are certain things happening within and without your body right now, but it’s okay, it’s absolutely normal, and here are the tools to help you cope with it. Then it’s explaining exactly what to expect in physical terms (as plainly as possible in proper medical terms) and teaching how to know and respect your body. It’s also about educating on the whole range of options available to you in many different scenarios and how to go about, confidently, picking the right option. Many people think that sex ed opens up a Pandora’s box so to speak, but I’d rather believe that it is equipping young adults to deal with the contents of the so called Pandora’s box, because believe me it’s opening up at some point and they’re gonna have to deal with it. It’s also important to note that a proper sex ed program must and should always emphasize the benefits of abstinence. Every person, young or old, must know that your sexuality is your own, and whether you’re “active” or not is a decision YOU should actively make.

In this our world, sex ed is also about educating young ones that sex is not just about climax, or doing something “bad”, or satisfying a curiosity, or peer pressure, or anything like that. It’s about entering the world of unwanted pregnancies, of sexually transmitted diseases, of HIV/AIDs. I’m always, always amazed how little people, grown adults know about STDs and I always find myself asking, if you don’t the difference between Chlamydia, or syphilis, or what it looks like, or how it behaves how can you consciously protect yourself? Truly if your partner doesn’t tell you they have Chlamydia how would you know??? Can you recognize herpes? Do you know you can actually still contract herpes even with a condom??? It’s frightening that most people don’t know these things. A recent survey found that 1 out of every 5 young girls in high school in the US has an STD. 1 in 5!!!! And that’s in America, imagine Nigeria where promiscuity is actually rampant and to some extent accepted from aristo-carrying university students, to polygamy, to accepted infidelity, the circle is endless. I remember a married man having a conversation with my male friend and I, rushing off to go and meet 3 different girls in some hotel room and being quiet excited about it. As they say when you sleep with a partner you’re also sleeping with ALL of that person’s partners, I thought about this and thought of the man’s wife and the pool of possible sexual diseases this man can carry home……..truly frightening especially when you think this is a country where condom-wearing is not the norm. If anything I encourage everyone reading this to just get to know about STDs, then you’ll know how to protect yourself and save us all really! A good sex ed program teaches all these things at the onset of sexual curiosity and activeness.

Anyway, I can write all day on this topic as I’m truly very passionate about it but what I truly want to get through is the importance of a proper attitude and knowledge of these matters instead of taboo-ing it. Knowledge is power in every facet of life and still applies in this case.