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Hello Folks! I did a lot of writing over the loooong Easter break, so here it is! Hope y'all had a fantastic, fantabulous Easter....me? I was running around too much, plus my gen broke down, plus i forgot to pay my cable bill (again!), plus i "broke off" two friendships...........whew!

Anyhoo, read up and enjoy!

The Unrulies (Post #4)

The Unrulies are my sisters and brothers, not by blood but by love, as they say true family is created by love. We laugh together, share together, encourage each other, lift each other, and help each other.

I’m inspired by every Unruly. Out there in the world. Hustling. Trying to make a dollar outta some cents and doing so unapologetically. We want to change the world. We want to make our world. Every Unruly aspires to be the best. Every Unruly wants to inspire.

They say people come into your lives for different reasons. To teach different lessons. They may not necessarily stay but their mark will be made. It is one of the things I know for sure, it’s one of the things I embrace. The Unrulies may create this bond of friendship, or we may drift apart, or simply grow into whatever our destinies entail. Even that I embrace. People come into our lives for different reasons, I’m glad they came into mine.

No More P-Square!!!! (Post #3)

I attended the Hip Hop World Awards held recently in Lagos. While there were many hiccups (venue was too small etc.), it generally went well. I was proud of what Ayo Animashaun and his team had put in place. I’m always fascinated by the “creators” amongst us; how they dream and bring their dreams into reality, creating this “thing”, this “substance” that never was before but alas that is another blog post…. This particular post is an attempt to put into words my utter disgust and the shame I feel for Peter & Paul of PSquare and their brother Jude. So they were up for something like 5 awards this year and won none of them but what do they do??? They start railing and complaining to any press that will listen that it was cheating and so on and so forth. What actually particularly disgusts me is Jude saying “it might have well been called the Yoruba Hip Hop World Awards…” I mean how juvenile and stupid can you get??? See I hate even responding to things like that because there are so many things wrong with that statement and attitude that I don’t even know where to start.

First I’m very disappointed that these guys are tribalists and they’ve let their real selves be shown. What a limiting way to view the world and to view your achievements. We are supposed to be the new generation who doesn’t think like our parents and who believe in one Nigeria while still taking pride in our roots and culture. What is a Yoruba Hip Hop World Awards anyway??? Did he feel stupid saying that? I mean if it were a fuji awards ceremony I’d say okay, maybe, but Hip Hop? I feel idiotic even considering his words I can only imagine how he felt thinking it. I always marvel at how people come up with these ideas as if all Yoruba people got together under some sort of conspiracy to rob PSquare of awards. Pleeease, get over it. I would feel insulted if I didn’t first feel ashamed for these guys.

Second, let’s even take a look at the category that’s causing all the confusion. Best Music Video. For some reason PSquare reasons that because they spent all their savings to go to South Africa to shoot their video in 35mm then that automatically makes their video the baddest video in the land. Even to the extent of calling Jimmy Jatt’s video Stylee “trash”…..trash? I know many people have varying opinions of who they thought shoulda won the award but I actually truly liked Stylee and voted for it to win and all we need are just a few more people that think just like me. Presto! I’d like to think that my opinions are valid too abi? I saw both videos and the Do Me video actually made me NOT like that song. I had bought the cd and liked the song beforehand but when I saw the video, I was less than entertained, I was bored. Is it because you have oyinbo girls in it gyrating in a non-talented manner or the belly dancers? Or the chain of uninspired mono dance moves the guys were exhibiting? I’d pick TY Bello’s Greenland or Asa’s Fire on the Mountain over it ANYDAY, talk less of Stylee. I mean Psquare just had no prayer. They should also get over this and actually conceptualize next time.

Thirdly, Peter and Paul won 5 freaking awards last year! I don’t get it. Was it the Igbo Hip Hop World Awards last year cuz I missed that. They didn’t complain o! These guys are arrogant, petty, short-sighted, sore losers. Bad. Bad. Bad. More so, I was reading the This Day article by Ayeni Adekunle (which actually inspired this post) and I noticed that a pattern with PSquare was evident. A pattern of being sore losers, a pattern of arrogance without merit. They complained about not winning the MOBO, they complained about not winning the MTV EMA, they complained about not winning HHWA. Indeed like Ayeni said they need to learn graciousness and humility but I’m afraid with former fans like myself, it’s a little too late. They should go and cue up in the hot sun with the thousands of their mates for a gmat test for that Oceanic job and take that time to think of what a priviledge it is to be doing what you love to do and making money at it. How many of those guys cueing would love to be dancing to sampled old tracks and getting paid for it………..shame!

HHWA Winners List 2008

Album of The Year – Asa
Artiste of the Year – Dbanj
Song of the Year – Yahoozee
Recording of the Year – Bibanke (Asa)
Best Music Video – DJ T (Stylee)
Best R&B/Pop Album – Grass to Grace
Best Rap Album – Ruggedy Baba
Best Dancehall – True Story (Timaya)
HHW Revelation – 9ice
HHW Next Rated – Wande Coal
Best Vocal Performance Male – 9ice
Best Vocal Performance Female - Asa
Best Rap Single – MI
Lyricist on The Roll – ModeNine
Best African Act – Batman (Ghana)
Best Collabo – Stylee
Producer of the Year – Cobhams Asuquo

Face Invader (Post 2)

I have this enormous gigantic pimple on my face that’s on a mission to actually take over my entire face, mocking my smooth skin, “fine-girl-no-pimples” look. Why me? I mean there it was: just there. The first thing people see about my face, they’re like “wow, look at you…………” :o( I want this thing to go away jo! Can you imagine? It’s the largest thing I’ve ever had on my face throughout my life, and just when I think all the praying is coming to, another one springs up right next to it!!! I’m scared, how do I get rid of this thing now? Maybe it’s just the stress but jeez………..it needs to go o…

Whatever Love Means (Post 1)

I was watching one of those numerous Biography channel programmes on the life of Prince Charles and they show that clip with him and Diana when a reporter asks them “I suppose you’re in love then?” Diana responds right away and says “Yes, of course!” and Prince Charles chimes in “whatever love means…” People say Charles was in love with Camilla even then and in the program I was watching a lady comes on and says “well, at 22,23 you just think oh well, you’ll find another love, not really knowing that that was it for great loves..”

How sad that was but it’s something I understand all too well. No, I don’t have that sort of fairy tale view of love because I know how tough and confusing and complicated true love is. A secret I carry with me and I suspect will carry with me every day of my life until the last is that I have loved deeply and have been loved deeply yet we two are not together. He is the closest person to me right now. I don’t know how to explain it or put into words but to accept it and not question it. One of the reasons Charles and Camilla’s story really resonates with me is that I can understand how a love endures when seemingly it shouldn’t have. The one lesson I know of real love, true love, is that it has no boundaries, you can’t put it in a little box, it can take on as many formats as life will let it but it will still endure. Charles and Camilla meet, they connect, she goes off and gets married and has kids, he goes off and gets married and has kids. Throughout this time they maintain a friendship even in their different marriages and somehow, somehow, 30 years later, they take the leap and get married. As old people. Ever wonder why? Charles certainly didn’t have to, Camilla probably was comfortable in her own life but they still did it. That’s because love endures.

I hold on to this. I’m not particularly sure why but I know that this love has gone from torrid to tempered, to slowly simmered. I love him through whatever and he loves me through whatever. Maybe that’s enough, as tragic as that seems, but maybe there’s a peace.

Fun Meme!!

names i go by
Funmi, Funlola, Lola, Lolo, LollyT, Lola Junior, Lolita - note i don't actually like all these names so unless i've told u not to call me Lola, that's the best way to go. I've kuku warned u sha..

2 things i am wearing right now
my special bracelet, and my wig HAHAHAHA!!!

2 things i want to have in a relationship
Loads of laughter, loads of romance (why not?)

2 of my favorite things to do.
Hang out with friends, Dancing

two things i want really badly.
Nokia E61i
Apple IPhone - yes i want both. very badly. I also want the Nokia E90 Communicator or the Samsung G810 Phone. aaah, do i have to stop? i like this question.

2 pets i had or have..
My cat Lulu Chiquita
My sister's burriful siamese cat Shadow

2 things i did last nite.
Wrote some essays for a job
Chatted on the phone

2 things i ate last nite.
Ofada Rice and Peppered Stew yuuuuum!
Twix Chocolate Bar, weird combo hunh?

2 people i talked to

2 things i am doin right now
Typing this
Wondering why they didn't start production on Eclairs??? ah well, na dem problem now lol!

2 longest car rides
Travelling from Toronto to Boston Greyhound style on that fateful day. A trip that's supposed to take like 8/10 hours took 18hrs with detention at immigration in between! don't ask....
Also my trips from Ottawa to Boston and vice versa those last days in college. Though I enjoyed it, there's nothing like the Quebec countryside.....so beautiful, so peaceful!

2 fav holidays..
Quebec City - during college
Not really a vac sha but staying at the Westin for Caribana in 2004! I love the westin soooo much, just sleeping in that bed with room service watching "American in Paris"....lovely!

fav beverages.
Moccacino, Cappucino, Espresso, Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee, Tim Hortons Iced Cap......aaah, Iced Cap, i miss Ottawa :o(

person no longer alive i'd like to talk to.
My Daddii Mr. Funsho "Chalingo" T! or rex chalingo...warreva!