The Unrulies (Post #4)

The Unrulies are my sisters and brothers, not by blood but by love, as they say true family is created by love. We laugh together, share together, encourage each other, lift each other, and help each other.

I’m inspired by every Unruly. Out there in the world. Hustling. Trying to make a dollar outta some cents and doing so unapologetically. We want to change the world. We want to make our world. Every Unruly aspires to be the best. Every Unruly wants to inspire.

They say people come into your lives for different reasons. To teach different lessons. They may not necessarily stay but their mark will be made. It is one of the things I know for sure, it’s one of the things I embrace. The Unrulies may create this bond of friendship, or we may drift apart, or simply grow into whatever our destinies entail. Even that I embrace. People come into our lives for different reasons, I’m glad they came into mine.


Tosyn SPEECHgirl Bucknor said...

hey love
you know we love you

and u inspire us as well!

Ara said...

Hi Lola(sake),my name is Aralola,popularly known as Ara the drummer,doing good i hope.Stumbled upon your blog today for the first time and am feeling it.

Keep keeping on.

Stay blessed,

Lola said...

i love u too tosyn!!!

Ara - Welcome! I'm familiar with your work and happy you could stop by!
Take care of you