Whatever Love Means (Post 1)

I was watching one of those numerous Biography channel programmes on the life of Prince Charles and they show that clip with him and Diana when a reporter asks them “I suppose you’re in love then?” Diana responds right away and says “Yes, of course!” and Prince Charles chimes in “whatever love means…” People say Charles was in love with Camilla even then and in the program I was watching a lady comes on and says “well, at 22,23 you just think oh well, you’ll find another love, not really knowing that that was it for great loves..”

How sad that was but it’s something I understand all too well. No, I don’t have that sort of fairy tale view of love because I know how tough and confusing and complicated true love is. A secret I carry with me and I suspect will carry with me every day of my life until the last is that I have loved deeply and have been loved deeply yet we two are not together. He is the closest person to me right now. I don’t know how to explain it or put into words but to accept it and not question it. One of the reasons Charles and Camilla’s story really resonates with me is that I can understand how a love endures when seemingly it shouldn’t have. The one lesson I know of real love, true love, is that it has no boundaries, you can’t put it in a little box, it can take on as many formats as life will let it but it will still endure. Charles and Camilla meet, they connect, she goes off and gets married and has kids, he goes off and gets married and has kids. Throughout this time they maintain a friendship even in their different marriages and somehow, somehow, 30 years later, they take the leap and get married. As old people. Ever wonder why? Charles certainly didn’t have to, Camilla probably was comfortable in her own life but they still did it. That’s because love endures.

I hold on to this. I’m not particularly sure why but I know that this love has gone from torrid to tempered, to slowly simmered. I love him through whatever and he loves me through whatever. Maybe that’s enough, as tragic as that seems, but maybe there’s a peace.