Fun Meme!!

names i go by
Funmi, Funlola, Lola, Lolo, LollyT, Lola Junior, Lolita - note i don't actually like all these names so unless i've told u not to call me Lola, that's the best way to go. I've kuku warned u sha..

2 things i am wearing right now
my special bracelet, and my wig HAHAHAHA!!!

2 things i want to have in a relationship
Loads of laughter, loads of romance (why not?)

2 of my favorite things to do.
Hang out with friends, Dancing

two things i want really badly.
Nokia E61i
Apple IPhone - yes i want both. very badly. I also want the Nokia E90 Communicator or the Samsung G810 Phone. aaah, do i have to stop? i like this question.

2 pets i had or have..
My cat Lulu Chiquita
My sister's burriful siamese cat Shadow

2 things i did last nite.
Wrote some essays for a job
Chatted on the phone

2 things i ate last nite.
Ofada Rice and Peppered Stew yuuuuum!
Twix Chocolate Bar, weird combo hunh?

2 people i talked to

2 things i am doin right now
Typing this
Wondering why they didn't start production on Eclairs??? ah well, na dem problem now lol!

2 longest car rides
Travelling from Toronto to Boston Greyhound style on that fateful day. A trip that's supposed to take like 8/10 hours took 18hrs with detention at immigration in between! don't ask....
Also my trips from Ottawa to Boston and vice versa those last days in college. Though I enjoyed it, there's nothing like the Quebec beautiful, so peaceful!

2 fav holidays..
Quebec City - during college
Not really a vac sha but staying at the Westin for Caribana in 2004! I love the westin soooo much, just sleeping in that bed with room service watching "American in Paris"....lovely!

fav beverages.
Moccacino, Cappucino, Espresso, Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee, Tim Hortons Iced Cap......aaah, Iced Cap, i miss Ottawa :o(

person no longer alive i'd like to talk to.
My Daddii Mr. Funsho "Chalingo" T! or rex chalingo...warreva!


Sisi Eko said...


That we could just have him back for a few months, days, hours, minutes, seconds...I miss my pops! :) Bobo Chalingo fun ra re!

And awww...on Shadow! He really was a burriful cat, loved him to pieces!

Werrin dey?

juan martinez said...

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NigerianDramaQueen said...

I want an Iphone toooo