This Food is for White People

Hello my distinguished fellow bloggers, bloggees, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...I wrote a mail today that goes thus:

"I don't think it is right to tell me that this kind of food is only for the whites in modern day Nigeria"

As I sat writing the letter, I was thinking that never in my life did i think I was going to write such a letter, and worse, to have it all be about food! But alas, here I am. Here's the place my company has put me. For some reason food in the cafe is divided into two levels. First level is beans and plaintain, semo and okoro etc, - mass produced, like jail cell food (u know, think serving gruel in a jail), and then there's the second level which is fried brown rice with szechuan chicken, spaghetti and marinara sauce etc - served with fresh vegetables, etc. First level drinks ice block water (think ice block sold to keep soft drinks warm), second level gets bottled water. Current policy is..................First level is apparently for black people (i.e Nigerians - as long as ur name is Buki, ChiChi or Halima, u're in first level regardless of if your father is Bill Clinton), Second level is apparently for white people. They actually told me this. My thing is if I go to England what will the oyinbo give me to chop? eba and efo? or sandwhich and salad? They certainly won't tell me this food is for black people!

Anyway....I'm having faith though since i've finally complained about it, it will change soon sha....

Secondly, let me take the time to apologize for not updating or anything else. The computer has been absolutely down for the last week. It's working sporadically now so i'm using the opportunity to try and get this in.

Week's been crazy though, going through all kinds of emotional rollercoasters that I think life is just trying to fuck with me just for laughs. I mean seriously shady ish happening that the probability of them happening beforehand was very very low. It could all be chunked up to coincidence but hmmm..........this is nigeria so i'm just extra prayerful now cuz u sha never!

Anyway, if I can scan my interview from career file in true love I will do so and post it here asap. Found out that it's Lola Hassan from Virgin Nigeria's pic that included with my piece and mine may come out with her interview next month, if it does then i'll scan my pic along! stay fabulous y'all.



Anonymous said... you finally complained!!!

Let me know what happened!

Love ya, miss ya,

your sis