By Fire By Force...LOL

Wow, what a week (or two weeks) I’ve had! Since I’ve returned from my vacation I noticed that many things just weren’t right. Something was off, with work, with my friends, with everything, it was just all off! I was so confused and conflicted. I was even thinking that maybe things were this bad before but I just didn’t see it cuz I was so anxious for a break, to visit my friends and family. But I knew really that that wasn’t it. Some things were different. People were reacting to me differently. So just intuitively I stepped up my prayers. Since I didn’t know what it was and I don’t think I’ve been acting differently, I just started to really pray to God to protect me first of all, to open my eyes to see these things that ordinarily you wouldn’t see, to give me the mind the correct any wrongdoings on my part, and to stand up for me where I can’t stand up for myself. In my heart I just kept praying that God should reveal the source of all these things that I thought strange. People that I cared about and held quite close to me where just behaving strangely towards me u know.

Not to go into too much details cuz you know this IS the internet, but let’s just say God answers prayers. Not everyone is who you think they are, and we all just have to be very vigilant. Some people will laugh in your face but in their hearts they are harboring envy, greed, hate, and whatever else you may have, talking behind your back, fueling idle gossip about you. And others still are harboring so much insecurity and let downs from their past and want you to carry it all on your own head so they won’t have to deal with it personally. Anybody who brings negativity into your life or who diminishes your worth or dismisses your person, abeg, their presence in your life needs to be re-evaluated.

I thank God that I’m in a place in my life now where I am grounded enough in who I am that these things don’t affect me in the way they would have in the past. I just brush it off and keep moving. I’m glad that I’m rooted in great family and friends.

What a week indeed! Like I said on my facebook, I’m really too gangsta for all this ish……if you don’t know u berra ASK SOMEBODY

PS - Several Intereting News Items
I read of a very interesting development in this entire "Oyo politics" saga. For those that don't know i'll give you a much collapsed version, basically, there's an old man in Oyo Chief Adedibu who is the ultimate godfather, and strongman of politics in Oyo. He is as we can guess PDP. Now there've been all kinds of story about intense thuggery, control of the State Senate (he's said to be behind the less than a day trial and impeachment of Governor Ladoja), stealing of ballot boxes, etc. He's son-in-law and I think nephew "won" a political position in the last elections. Anyway, the new Olubadan of Ibadan issued a directive yesterday that forbids anybody in his council to participate in politics. Basically he said you're either a traditional ruler/chief or your a politician, you can't be both or you loose your title. Which means people like Chief Adedibu have to decide what they want to be, answerable to only one mandate, and stop corrupting the system. I applaud this kind of progessive thinking by the Olubadan of Ibadan. Maybe now our historical systems of chiefdom et al can be restored instead of being bought or used as a pun for getting contracts.

The second news item of course is the burning issue of NYSC deployment for 2007. Apparently NYSC authorities have said that there's not enough budget for 2007 for all graduates so they are only mobilizing about 2/3 of all eligible graduates, leaving about 70,000 students hanging until next year. Now in Nigeria as we all know, you can't work until you've done you're NYSC so i'm just wondering for example, what these 70,000 f-ing people are supposed to do for the next f-ing YEAR! For example, LASU said it has over 2000 grads eligible, but NYSC has only allocated 800 spots for them the other 1200 peeps have to go F themselves. Now tell me these NYSC people have a clue.....

Thirdly, this Yar'adua thing is serious oh! He summoned the NYSC dude to Aso Rock sharp sharp, he apparently is committed to building Lagos as it is "the economic nerve centre of Nigeria", he reversed the sale of refineries, he's reviewing the allocation of oil blocks, most of his ministerial appointees are college educated!!! Don't let me down Yardy!

Whew! ok i'm done...


Kemi said...

FIRST!!!!!! Told you I'm a regular reader of your blog. lol!!!

Lola said...

Kemi - HAHAHA! I believe you now. thanks for stopping by oh!

Dolapo said...

thanks for the updates. Im hearing bout this NYSC stuff for the first time, kinda saw on a friend's facebook status that she's going to have to wait till next yr to do her service, which i didnt really understand but now i get it....... this is rather scary cos im supposed to be movin back home in about 2 week to do this ish....need to find out more so i dont come and waste my time...

Anonymous said...

I saw these two comments on Bella Naija’s comment page of “This day Concert” and I thought the whole world should know. I love Oprah and the rest of the Artists my aim is just to show Nigerians that it is time we start supporting our own people and make our own country better. Contrary to what Oprah thinks Nigerians are the smartest most intelligent people in this world.


Oprah Winfrey got it wrong

By Our Reader
Published by PUNCH NEWSPAPER: Thursday, 26 Jul 2007

Recently, America’s TV girl, Oprah Winfrey, called on America to sever diplomatic relationships with world’s topmost corrupt countries.

Worst of all the countries, Oprah surmised, is Nigeria.

According to her, “all Nigerians – regardless of their level of education – are corrupt.”

It is very pathetic that Oprah could ascribe to a larger population, the evil act of an insignificant number of persons in the world’s most populous black nation.

Oprah’s conclusion is based on the fact that a Nigerian of Igbo extraction was caught with $500,000, which was alleged to have been stolen from a foreigner through the Internet fraud popularly known as 419.

Oprah had sponsored an hour-long programme, which ran for several days on the CNN, with the sole aim of exposing the clever tricks espoused by this group of Nigerians to con their victims.

Much has been said about the greed of the victims themselves, and I need not say more about it.

However, at a time when Americans are committing heinous crimes against children and women, nobody has tagged all Americans as murderous.

So, why call all Nigerians rogues because of the sin of a few bad eggs?

Oprah regularly tells her life story: how she was sexually abused by close relations, how she ‘walked the streets’ (Americans’ euphemism for prostitution), etc., but nobody has ever deemed it fit to tag all American men as incestuous because of Oprah and others’ experiences.

She did drugs – just like the typical American teenager, but nobody has cast all American youths in the mould of drug abusers!

So, why should an individual that is supposed to know better sentence a nation to odium for the infraction of a tiny fraction of its population?

I urge Oprah and her likes to disabuse their minds about Nigerians.

Be wary of requests for money from strangers, and if you fall for a scam, blame your greed and not Nigerians.

Okoli Vitalis,
Ps: to the owners of the blog I’m sorry for invading your blog. I just felt we Nigerians need to let go of that inferiority complex of American things being way better than Nigerian’s. We need to make our stuff better too if we think it is not up to standard.

femi said...

Yardy?!! Thats fab girl.

Just stumbled on your blog. Its nice, it would help if you jazz up the look a bit.

Keep up the fun

Kristen said...

Good post.