Survivor Fever!

MNET finally premiered (or maybe i just saw the first episodes, who knows? anyhoo...) the first Survivor Africa: Panama yesterday night and Survivor South Africa: Panama and i'm absolutely hooked!!! This is now my new favorite T.V show (of course behind Grey's Anatomy which i'm crazy over...). First they showed the SA one and the first thing that caught my eye right off the bat was that most of the contestants where white. I mean, yeah i know it's a mixed society but why???? the last word in the country name is still AFRICA, why do they keep downplaying the black africans in that country? i don't know....something is all off and weird in SA. Did y'all know they had the highest rate of murder by gunshot in the entire world?????? yes, even ahead of freaking columbia, like i said, i don't know, many people maaaaad over there. anyhoo, so that was the first thing i noticed. then it was like they all had some kind of british accents. there was only one man (black) with a SA accent and he caught fish all day go figure! I also noticed that they gave them each a like a nike knapsack to put everything they needed (compare to the Africa version below). The immunity game was this rope/flag thing that i didn't understand, but it looked hard and quite competitive. Apart from these things, it was very professionally done. It looked and sounded and played out like "regular" Survivor (american of course!).

Ok, cut to Survivor Africa. First thing I noticed, they where all black, so i was very very happy with that. But they gave them like potato sacks to carry their stuff in (WTF?!). There was one lady who could barely speak english so that was interesting (and annoying) and three nigerians out of like 12 people so i know the other africans are probably mad at that. And then even though both Survivors had their contestants walking through the island village (and I mean village) the Africa one focused a lot more on the village, i thought i was watching Survivor Ijebu Igbo! And then u know what the african's challenges was? catch a stick as it shoots out of a hole and go to the village stores and buy what u need with so and so dinaras (panama currency). i mean what the hell is that? catch a stick as it shoots from a hole?!?!?! ok, whatever. Survivor Africa is going to be interesting to watch as it goes on cuz i can already see some issues cropping up. We are so drenched in our "culture" that i think we hinder some civilized progress for ourselves. Like when they had to go shopping for what they needed, the women took over cuz according to one contestant "we are african ladies, so we want to take charge with the shopping"............hmmm, ok! And then when they got to the island and had to build their shelter one guy said, "well, the woman contributed their own little bit that they could, but basically we men did all the work, they [women] didn't do much, we just let them sit and we did bulk of the work".......hmmm, ok! i'm sure that's going to come out tribal council night, duh!!!! so i don't have much hope for the women on that team. but all in all sha, it was alright. let me take u through some of my favorites.

Yaga is Igbo from Nigeria. He (obviously) has a good body and all that but i don't know seems a little slow for me and young. He's kinda like a gentle giant at least so far. We'll see sha!'s Lloyd. He's from Zambia and he's an actor. Nothing much yet from him, but he's my eye candy so i don't need to hear him say much of anything. He keeps talking about how he and his brother have to take care of 13 people in the house. Whatever man.

Freida is from Namibia. She talks a whole lot but she also reminds me, facially, of my friend Afia (sorry 'Fia!!) I think she has a good chance of winning just cuz something is a little off with her chipper, i'm the leader attitude. I have a feeling she'll also get in a fight with one of the nigerian babes so that'll be something to look forward to.


wienna said...

Buahaaaaa....LOL @Yaga, d gentle giant! U too funny, girl.