You Want A Piece of Me

I'm hurt that none of it matters to you still
I'm hurt that everything makes perfect sense in your world
I'm hurt the way you look at her, and glance at her
I'm hurt that I sold myself out
I'm hurt that it's all so easy to you, I'm so easy to you
I'm hurt that you. just. let me go.

okay had to get that out! I think i've been selling my readers out for a bit. This blog was supposed to be as honest as possible as regards my experiences and sharing them with you guys but the truth is instead of writing from my heart and just putting it down, i start from who might be reading and then try and write something appropriate. But i'm not doing that anymore. My blog is my blog dammit! lol.

My name is Lola and this is MY blog! wooooosaah!

So moving on....
UBP 0608 was a blast!!!!!! I love my bros and sis(s) i.e the UnRuLies sooo much. There was plenty food, plenty drink, and a beautiful beautiful beach house. We left from Ikoyi Boat Club to Ilashe Island which took like 25-30min! I think we did well with the scheduling and all even though in the morning the boat drivers were like running kabu kabu with our boats or something sheesh! The last boat got back to the boat club around 730-ish which was still alright....but no incidents whatsoever thank God! I've heard of some other folks who were getting beaten by snakes and boats capsizing and all that ish...............

Anyhoo, thanks to the lucky 30! I was so knackered and hum............."high" enh, Monday morning at the office was killer! I had to actually go a 30min ride away to get a medium cup of Latte (since that was the only place around that sold the gaddamn thing!). My colleagues just didn't get the whole coffee/latte thing they were like "ehn so just buy Nescafe 3-in-1 now abi kini big deal?" For all of y'all that don't know 3-in-1 tastes like water with two granules of coffee. blah!

Ooooh, I don't know if many of you (3) readers are aware but I no longer work at Cadbury Nigeria Plc. I've complained so many times on here about all the goings on and I just finally decided I didn't want anymore. So now I work at a new mystery company. Everything is grand BUT...............

The love of my life, my baby, my pride, BRENTT sits cooing beautiful, melodic sounds in my ear, drawing me to roll over to his side. I think I may. You may be wondering what/who BRENTT is but don't fret. I will do a proper introduction soon. I love BRENTT though and can't wait to drop everything and run to him/her/it.

Relationships are still complicated. Sometimes I just want to close my eyes for 10 seconds, open them, look to my left and see this gorgeous chocolate man who loves me and is dedicated and committed to me and whom I love so much it hurts to the pit of my soul. I don't want to do the work of getting to this point however. All that relationship bruhaha, i don't want to do it. Just wake up and it's there.

Bastard (of other posts fame) is communicating again. I wonder what the hell for. I mean even a vulture would sha fly away leaving the carcass abi? Bastard wants to watch the carcass disintegrate as well. anh anh..............why call me? Meanwhile he doesn't know I know ALL his shit, someone better tell him o! talking 'bout "what did i do to upset you so much?" Sheeesh!

Why did I title this post "You Want A Piece of Me"? I've got Britney's song in my head and it just seems so appropriate to how I'm feeling right now about everything, especially work!


goodnaijagirl said...

Why do exes do that? Stay strong sha: the minute you get into a dialogue, trying to remind him of what he did, it's over. He'll have your head back involved in the same old crap.

(lol the opinion of someone who doesn't know you, him or the situation)

The boat party sounds amazing.

SPEECHgirl Bucknor said...

i think there are like 4 of us lola


NigerianDramaQueen said...

Now I have Britney stuck in my head too!
The boat party sounds awesome. Iv gotta come to Lag next time im in Naija.
I feel you on the whole relationships thing jare. If only it were that simple. If only....
Meanwhile, im loving this whole complete honestly on your blog thing!


First time here, I think. Hope all is well.


Coral said...

I yike this... the sincere posts I mean.