I Chopped Off My Hair!!!!

okey ladies and gentlemen.......the hair is all gone. all of it. gone. bye-bye. can't even braid the hair, can't wear weaves. all. gone.

Anyone who knows me even a lick will know that the thought of not having hair on my head is almost as scary as............armageddon to me. yes. that bad. I see other ladies with very short hair and sometimes it looks good on them, but in that way that i know that i would never ever ever chop mine off. Also i think i've always convinced myself that it's about personality. Since I was little I always wanted long curly hair just cuz it seemed that it was what matched my personality. I mean, all giggling, wide-smiled, beautiful, young, ladies must have long curly hair, no? :o)

I went to Bobby's Sig to cut it off, and although those fellas can cut hair, sometimes, imagination and creativity is quite the problem. if you tell them EXACTLY what to cut, or show a pic, you're good. But if you go in and tell them something vague, like I want a short hair style with layered flips in the back.......you're screwed. Plus, i've just noticed that they're not too big on flips around here. Oh they'll cut layers, but it'll always be in a bob unless you tell them specifically to "tongue" it the other way.

But anyway, Saturday was the D day. I went in and i must confess I was so scared. I mean who was I without my hair??? Everybody knows, rest assured, Lola's hair will look fabulous with a fabulous cut (my dear, weaves are my specialty, TRUST me) but now, I can just imagine the shock people will have when this big chick with no hair walks in. Immediately they'd think I was some loud-mouthed, ghetto, chick in her mid-30s. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G i don't want to be. Then I tried to look on the bright side. Maybe it'd be cute and impish, like Audrey Hepburn, or Jada Pinkett, or Nia Long circa Fresh Prince........................but then again, those two latter ladies look way more fabulous with their long hair. Breathe In, Breathe Out.......you just gotta do what you gotta do. So off it went.

RANTI (the cute boy hairdresser): okay, u can put on your glasses now
ME: uhm, uhm......really?
RANTI: yes, put it on, it fits your face
ME: uhm.........u mean you're done?
RANTI: yes, put the glasses on Lola
ME: uhm....ok (hands trembling)
RANTI: u like it right?
ME: yeah..............sure! (like i would like being tortured in a Chinese dungeon) smile...

The hair style's been growing on me though. Maaaaaaan, as women, we don't realize how much we hide behind our hair.....i never ever ever thought it was that deep for us until i chopped it all off. you now start wondering whether people will treat you the same. That person that was attracted to you yesterday would he still be today? Would people judge me quickly (and wrongly) because of my short, almost non-existent hair? and then I start to think why should someone like me or not like me simply cuz of hair? especially someone who saw me last week and now today cuz of my hair, he's like "oops, big mistake".............it's quite funny but unexpectedly empowering as well. Especially since they've been playing that India.Arie song on TV all day...........

My name is Lola and I am not my hair!


Anonymous said...

Funlola....How can u cut your hair after i told you i cut mine??? you want your mother to have a heart attack? Now neither one of her daughters has hair on her head. Don't u remember that "irun lewa obinrin ni? Mama e ti ro go!

Sha send a picture.....

Your sister

Queen of Procrasti Nation! said...

Yes, yes... picture please!!!! What possessed you to do that? Too much time on your hands after sending those kids off to Spain abi? By the way I saw them at the airport... I was quite irritated by their matching outfits, but that's a different story.

Lo, do you realize this means you don't get to see Ranti anymore? I mean dude will get suspicious if you go to him to help you pomade your skull O.

Sha enjoy the days after the cut... the self empowerment bla bla is refreshing for like 3 days, and then you see pictures of when you were beautiful, look in the mirror and go out and get a wig... talking from expereince gurl!!!!

Sorry for the long comment but hey... how u dey sef?

Lola said...

i don't know about the picture yet, not because of the haircut which i'm still loving by the way, but because of the fact that i've gained weight and can't find a freaking elliptical machine to work out on.......argh. so when i'm svelte (by my own standards o!) and fine again, i'll post a pic.

Anonymous said...

Of coursed, dear Lola. You are not your hair neither are your the skin. But i'll like to see the "Orgor" that was within. Hope i recognise you if see you at fuckernizer!

Don't worry. I doubt if anyone would notice the immediate change...


PS: If Ranti gets supicious, i won't mind pomading your skull for you.


bhookey84 said...

lol, i was bald at one time , got used to it tho and itssssssss much cheaper, at first i thot my boyfriend wouldnt like it and be like u know what the hell but i liked it , he liked it, it was all good