Mr. Who?/I Wore My Sweater!!

Wow, been a long time here. Been so busy with work.....product launch, major promo going on, major project, etc. All at the same time. This friday I said whew, I must take the time to write! Ok, so what's been happening? let's start with the product launch. It was an absolute blast. A lot of work went into it, but it's one of those moments I absolutely wouldn't want to be anywhere else than here in Nigeria. At the end of the program, the band was still there, the music was fabolous, and we all just spontaneously started to dance. And i don't mean some timid dancing oh, like real real boogie down. We had a fashion show from each decade (60s, 70s, 80s, 90s) and the corresponding music so songs like "Rock the Boat", "Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate, some really classic stuff, "Septemeber" by Earth, Wind, and Fire. It was really lovely anyway. I've include some pics of the event. Some of you will notice NAFDAC Director Dora Akinyuli. Many of the guest there were biggies but I kept blundering the entire night. Some big guy would come in and i'd be like "scuse me sir, what's your name so we can seat you..." dude would now give me an incredulous look like uhm, where did u get this chick from?!?!?! "I'm so and so" they would then say very matter of factedly. It given got so bad that one of the workers at the event even came up to me specially:

HE: excuse me ma, u don't know oheiwerei?
ME: uhm, no
HE: (shocked and not understanding), that man, u don't know him?
ME: (getting agitated) no.......
HE: ah......

He then quietly goes to sit down. I'm sure he must have gone home and told the story like "can you imagine this girl asked oheiwerei his name?!?!?! LOL. It's not my fault am i supposed to know the "captain of industry" in nigeria? MD/CEO of Nigerian Breweries who apparently is soo powerful he was one of the main proponents of the third term agenda. Me I no know o!!!

Hmm.........what else has been going on?
yeah.....I put on my first sweater today!!! I mean, ladies and gentlement, I was actually cold. in Nigeria! wonders shall never end. That has always been one of my little chuckles in Nigeria whenever I see people wearing sweaters, i just smile instantly. Seriously, the weather here (lagos) rarely goes below 29 degrees C....which should be around 85 degrees F, it's like how cold can it get really...........but maaan, yesterday I had to sleep with my socks on and i've been wearing a sweater all day and I still feel cold. It's kinda strange. Next thing you know when I visit stateside next I'll be like one of those Naija JJCs wearing this huge, thick, cream turtleneck sweater, complaining about how cold it is in obodo oyinbo (the white man's land for my non-yoruba comrades).


Anonymous said...

Hi, you really have been gone for long but seeing the pix of the fruits of your laour... eku ise! Don't mind that collegue of yours. What's the big deal if you don't know the dude? I think "Naija Big-men" should be given such treatment as often as possible.

PS: I think the third term supporter in NB Plc is Odimegbwu (ex MD).

Bella Naija said...

wow...this is my fisrt time on ur blog! u have such a fab job! better start remembering those names and faces o! Nigeria is a town of giant egos and giant egos need to be stroked to get ahead! sweater in lagos? really? this global warming and change in climate is real!
thanks for the link to my blog! ciao

Anonymous said...

ahh the Ohiweires (sp) remember when they used to be my neighbors on Gerrard Road Ikoyi!