Happy Valentine's Day!

Wow, so it's that day yet again. You know my most memorable Valentine's was last year and it had nothing to do with romance. Orientation camp started Feb.14, and that is a day that will now be forever etched in my mind. For me it always be a special day to be celebrated.......i got out, i got out, i got out! Lol.

Was watching E! News Daily 10 and Ryan mentioned something about Feb.15 being "Singles Awareness Day", how sad, lol. Us singles are not so bitter we want our OWN day, hell, we want what all y'all heffas have. Lol, don't mind me jare...

Anyway, I've been reading around blogville and i must say i didn't know we had so many romantics. Uzo has inspired me with her blog so here let me offer up a bit of what's going on through my mind:

Many of us are afraid of letting go
Afraid of feeling that hurt that someone else has left behind
Let go of that baggage
It's dragging you down and keeping others from seeing the beauty of you
What may come will come
But today's may be the one

thank you, thank you very much, i'll be here all night ladies and gentlemen. LOL. Nah, but to the special someone who may or may not be...you are a wonderful person, not because of what you can give, or because of the material things in your life, it's not because of who you know or where you've been. It's because you are a man who has managed to overcome those obstacles and managed to mold himself into something beautiful through hardwork, dedication, and faith.

Ok, enjoy lover's day y'all!


Calabar Gal said...

Came over from ur comment on Adaure's blog.

Orientation Day last year started Feb 14th?!?!?! Whoever set up that date must have a grudge against young uns celebrating valentine. LOL!! Hope you had a lovely time.

Dami said...

hmm im the whole of lagos, u are single no wayyy