Hola, y otra cosas......

ok.......so my spanish grammar needs constant polishing, lol! How are all of y'all doing out there in blogville? Good. I'm just peachy!

Gotta say my NYSC post got quite a few comments, online and offline. A few people told me "wait till NYSC catches you" lol and others were just grateful to have the info. I'm still happy to post it sha, sometimes, u just needs to know! lol!

I'm vacationing right now.........YAY!!!..........and boy is it COLD! I hope i haven't turned into one of those relatives that come visiting and complain (is that the right spelling? it's looking weird to me..) about how ilu oyinbo (white people's country) is cold! i'm always thinking at the time these people say that like.........uhm, yeah sherlock, it's north america, we have winter here....at least look up "winter" in the dictionary before your "big trip" lol! i'm so afraid i'm turning local...i mean my cousin went to prepare chocolate pudding for her daughter yesterday and guess what the first thing that came out of my mouth was??? "you're making her ogi?!?" LOL, i mean really. I see a dark paste and the first thought in my head was ogi! And then my phone needed to be recharged and as I was going to bed, i was thinking "i better charge that thing before they take the light"........'Nuff said.

I need detoxing fast ma people....anyway, wedding television is calling, i guess i'll blog tomorrow!