NYSC 101

Ok, so a lot of people ask me about NYSC. How I'm finding the process, etc. A lot of people are just scared to do it, and are curious about what exactly they'd be getting into. I remember when I was researching to come back to Nigeria I tried to scour everywhere for some info since I was absolutely clueless about everything, and I couldn't find a lot of it. But I know I would have benefitted from some of the things I'm about to expose about the NYSC so if anybody reading this is thinking of coming to Nigeria to do it, or knows someone who is coming to do it, you can just send them to this blog. Thanks to
Naija Vixen for reminding me to blog about this. So here we go:

1. Should you bother?If you've even thought about it then I would say yes. If to you, the possiblity of working/living in nigeria is even existent then you should just do it and get it over with. NO, you can't just come and work here as an expatriate. If you have a nigerian name, your company labour union/employee union COULD protest against the policy of hiring you without NYSC since it's against the law. It has happened many times over to the point that many companies now, especially multinationals will still require you have one or get one just to save the hassle.

2. What are my options? I'm being real here so let me lay it out. There are several levels of participation. Let's start from the obvious.
A. You can take your chances, submit your forms, wait to get posted, go there for camp, and work at whatever company you've been posted to.
B. You can pick the state you want to be posted, pay someone to make sure you get posted there, go to camp and work at whatever company you've been posted to OR pay someone to make sure you get posted to a company you want to work for.
C. You can pick the state, pay to make sure you get the state, go to camp, pay someone so you won't have to work after camp (many people take this option and go back abroad for the rest of the year).
D. Exactly the above but u don't go to camp, you just pay someone to post you to a place u want to work after camp.
E. Pay someone for everything (state posting, camp) you're posted to the organization you want to work. You don't really interact with NYSC at all, except to get a certificate in the end.
F. Exactly like E(state posting, camp, work) but don't work u just go back abroad immediately. You'll have a record of NYSC and that's all that really matters.
Option E&F, will cost you about N60,000-N70,000 naira. Option D will cost you about N30,000. Option C will cost about N20,000-N88,000. 88K because if you get the person to keep the totality of your monthly allowance (about N8,500), it'll end up costing you that much. Some arrange for the person to just keep a percentage of this.

What docs do I need to have with me for NYSC? I'm assuming you're a "foreign student" (studied abroad) through all this. You need the ORIGINALS, yes ORIGINALS, of your degree certificate, your transcript, your school id, your passport(s) with the page of your visa, if u needed one, your High School Diploma (yes). You need to have a valid Nigerian passport (will cost you anywhere between N10,000 and N15,000). You need to have your letter of admission into university/college. Yes, that's what I said. Make sure you do several copies of all these docs.

What do I do once I get to Nigeria? Take the above docs to NYSC Headquarters in Abuja to register. Plan a few days for your first trip to Abuja. You will have to return at least one more time. Ticket to Abuja costs about N10000-N14,000 one way from Lagos.

Ok, I have my posting letter to state You will now go to camp which will be the bane of your existence for three weeks. The first day is HELL on earth. Prepare for biting, scratching, yelling. You will learn the meaning of queueing naija style, which is NOT queueing at all, but mass shoving. You will hate yourself on this day and curse the day you were born nigerian. YOu might sleep under the moonlight.

What is camp life like? Much of this has regressed in my memory. No words on earth can do it justice. You wake up to horns at 4am when u go jogging till 6/7am. 9am u go for parade till 12noon. 430pm u do parade to 6:30pm. 10pm is lights out. They serve you "food". There's a "mammy market" area where they sell everything u would need for camp. EVERYTHING. they also have hairdressers and barbers there. Don't worry there's alcohol. There's mass for Catholics and services for other Christians. There's the equivalent for Muslims. They have bonfire night towards the end where your platoon (the group you're in) cooks, and does pagents. In the last 1 and a half weeks, there's sports. All these parts is hazy to me as I didn't participate nor cared remotely. Many people "escape" from camp within the required 3 weeks. YOu have to pay officials to do so. All levels of officials can do this for you so just find the right one and the right price. Recharge cards (for phone credit) are a popular form of payment. I will warn you, you have to have the liver OH! Better get comfortable with bribing, and bribing appropriately for this to work OR you will tay there. lol. You can also escape via the forest. No. This is not an overstatement, it's not a dream. It's a forest escape. Apart from the possible poison ivy on the way, you WILL face area boys on the outside and may have to bribe them. ALSO, you can scale the fence. This is the most hassle free way I think, but u must know how to scale a fence discreetly and the right time to do so. Goodluck!

After camp? You go to work. Once a week you have to do Community Development (CD). CD groups range from the truly meaningful - AIDS awareness with UNAID to the truly useless. Once a month, you have to go and do Clearance so as to get your allowance. This is the most important activity post camp. It is used to determine your eligibility for the certificate. That's the only thing you need to worry about really. You can pay someone so you don't have to do the weekly CD. Or you can beg to be put in Drama/Tourism group. Nothing much happens there.

Passing Out Congratulations! you are finished but not before some last grasps at making your life difficult. The only advice here is to make sure you fill the book of life. After you've done that, you're good as done. It's kind of like another registration (like the one you did in Abuja) so make sure you have all your docs as mentioned above again.

And that's it! NYSC in a nutshell, yes, you can thank me later lol. What do I think about NYSC? Well at least it's finished and I actually feel like I accomplished something, on that first day of camp, I was so sure I was never going to make it through, but I did. I have no kind words about NYSC. NONE.

To those who may have an issue with me telling it like it is, well, if you don't like it, I challenge you to do something about it to make it better. Because as ugly as all this may seem (paying off officials et al.) that's the way it is. And to those who may be concerned, I actually did all the activities INCLUDING staying in camp for the entire 3 weeks (minus two days). So don't start with me.



tt said...

LMAO. Sounds very much like my secondary school days (Command). Don't think i'll be able to survive now under those conditions even though i went through it for 6yrs but i guess you never know till you try.

Good and informative post though

Sye said...

Well, I must stay theis is an informative blog! Quite useful to some of us who really want to return home ajo o'le da bi'le ... Very thoughtful of you. I'll definitely inform more people of this posting.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! I came home to do NYSC without knowing a lot of the things you just mentioned and from the first day at camp i wanted to catch the next flight back to VA. I have a lot to say about the NYSC staff, they are the most ignorant human beings on earth. Rude, jealous, frustrated and just plain nuisances. Imagine asking someone with a british passport for her british visa? how silly can one be.

CD is a waste of time, you wear that horrible outfit and each week you go to be insulted by a bunch of silly women. sit around doing nothing for however long it takes till the inspector is in the mood to sign your cd cards. This involves a lot of pushing, shoving and general chaos.

I came to Lagos a very civilized human being. And now i've learnt the naija way of doing things. "Aggressiveness"

My advice if you can pay for everything pay.......it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

pretty interesting...i did NYSC abt 7 yrs ago,and everything u wrote is accurate...nothing has changed except for the prices (now higher the pay has increased too, back in the days it was N3,500)...Sadly in naija,if one doesn't have connections and God on your side, this will serve as a precedent of things to come...hence the acronym "Now Your Suffering Continues" (NYSC)

Dimples said...

Oh thank you so much...thinking of doing Level C come September..and sort of seeing if and when i move back from then on.

This has definately shown me a less-aje buter approach to NYSC..nice one

Lola said...

ltaThanks y'all!

Anonymous1: i come home with less info i'm sure and by myself. i knew ABSOLUTELY nothing, not only of NYSC but even Nigeria as a whole! You are absolutely correct about the staff.

Anonymous2: i don't think you need to be connected, you just have to be proactive. i mentioned, i didn't know anyone here but still managed through.

Dimples: you're welcome!

...stumped for a name said...

why bother

SYBIL said...

I guess its time...to get this baby out of the way. I have been too afriad for the longest time, but i think its time. Great blog by the way. I find you very intelligent, very smart...very strong. I just love who you are.

You have so much going for you Lola.

Keep that head up!


naijacutie said...

dis is such a great topic for me...abt to go to naija for the nysc thingy in sept...thanx for d info...option D sounds like a plan..lol..
when r u done?

Augustine Pius THLIZA said...

Mhm. Really, you are new to naija way of doing things!


It's sad to relive my NYSC experience as I read this post. Here is my lil NYSC story...I went through NYSC camp alrigth and got posted to some obscure village in Ondo State in the environs of Okitipupa. There was no light, no water, no roads - the only way to get to this damned village is by boat. I stayed my ass there for 3 months without contact with fam or relatives. It wasn't fun and I was there teaching some kids in this secondary school who can't even speak English, but Yoruba.
It was hell, but the only reason why I stayed was because the Nigerian govt. made this NYSC shyt mandatory and I didn't have anything better to do; fresh out of the university with no job, no contacts, no future...no nothing!
I was glad when the secondary school closed for that term and the kids went on holiday. I took my stuff and jetted outta that hell hole of a village fast. I went back to the NYSC Office at Akure, got my ass posted to some phony ass company and took my behind home. I stayed home all through the rest of my service year hoping that I will sort things out at the end of service. Guess what!, when I went to pick up my discharge certificate, these MTF had my name posted at the office that I absconded from NYSC service. I was like, you know what - fuck y'all and fuck this damned NYSC shyt certifcate! They got me alright - because I wasn't turning in my paper work at the end of the month to show that I was actually doing my service and I did not have the money/connection to get a hook up while I was gone.
End of story and luckily for me, I went back home frustrated, but I was glad to jet out that God forsaken country called Nigeria to the U.S. of A immediately afterward...and I was like; you know what, I dont really need an NYSC certificate to make me a man or somebody anywayz! AND I DONT!!LOL!!!
Final thought: I am surprised that y'all schooled abroad...and taking ya behind home for some NYSC service?....PLuasssseeehhh, buy your way through; that NYSC shyt aint worth it!

Dami said...

wow option C is so it or even F sef

Calabar Gal said...
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Calabar Gal said...

I enjoyed my NYSC. It was just a necessary evil that needed to be gotten out of the way. Will forward ur link to a fellow blogger - Biodun whose about to embark on her own NYSC.

TRAE said...

damn, you guys have got nothing on Atiku and Obasanjo. you're all corrupt, the whole lot of ya. ha ha. on the real NYSc ain't that bad, it's all in the mind. if you positive spirited about it you'll see that you'll pretty much enjoy it. i'm presently a corps member, doing my bit in Benue State.

muchas gracias!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,I'm in yankee right now and am considering coming home this august to do NYSC, is there a way to contact u via email to ask other questions you might not have addressed please please :)
ps: i love ur blog!!

Shaz said...

Abeg Abeg ol girl I need to talk 2 u. I'm seriously considering dis NYSC thing but, am really apprehensive. I left 9ja in 94, so 2 do d whole year no go kill me, but I prefer having as much info as I can b4 I get rid of my car, my apartment, quit my nice job and put my stuff in storage. How can I contact you?

robertomangs said...

i love your blog. but i need the connections... i need to be posted to Plateau... who do i have to bribe enh...please HELP!!!

Lola said...

thanks robertomangs! anyone that wants to reach me re: NYSC can leave their email here and i'll contact them.


Anonymous said...

hey, very helpful and really interested in finding out more. Interested in D,E and F (E and F in particular).

My email address is anony0708@yahoo.co.uk

JUDITH said...



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Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much for this blog. it's highly helpful!!! I didn't know what to expect of the program before this blog; I feel so much educated now. Thanks again and God Bless you.