The Future Nigeria.....and my new crush!

Oh wow, ladies and gents! it's been a minute hasn't it...gosh so much happening i think, it's been really hard to sit down and update. Everytime i think of something I DEFINITELY must blog about, life happens and then it'll get tossed to the side and the cycle continua. Where should I start?

I have to say a big, big, big, congrats to the future nigeria...awards team, that event was fantastic and fabulous and the thing that made it for me was to think that it was all done by young nigerians like myself who are working very hard to manifest their own destiny. It's just absolutely beautiful. We danced, we laughed, we philosophized, we sang along, we listened intently and some of us even almost shed a tear while Segun Obe, Ego, and Essence took to the stage to render the national anthem. To say it was beautiful would be an understatement. Highlights for me:

Segun Obe, Ego, Essence - The Nigerian Anthem
This was just absolutely beautiful. You know when you have one of those moments when you just know that that moment was a very worthwhile moment for you, in your life. Like you'll look back and do it over and over, and over again. That was it. I was just enthralled by it all. Segun Obe's would knock ANY of our contemporary American singers out of the park any day, any time, any where. I'm talking Luther Vandross quality. Man, in nigeria we need to support our artists big time. I have always loved Ego so I wasn't surprised that she was fantastic. That is one artist I can't wait for her CD, i just hope the thing has the best of production we have to offer because that woman is talented. Essence I'd heard about before but hadn't listened to and she was great.

Infiniti - Olori Oko
My God, these guys were AMAZING. AMAZING. i can't say more, I was flabbergasted. They just owned the stage and took it away. It was like watching the Temptations. Anybody knows their management please, feel free to give their contacts.

Professional of the Year Award (my category!)
Ok, e'rybody knows I love Peter of P-Square. For some reason I don't send (don't care about) the other twin, but Peter is my dawg! Anyway so who comes out to read out the winner for my cat? no one but Peter. I see you baby! At that moment, I was wishing they'd just call out my name so Peter could roll it around in his tongue!!!! Oohhhhhhhhhh weeeeeee! So thanks to Emilia and the likes for that special gift, I know y'all must have done it for me (ahem, ahem.....)

Ok, so I didn't win and the award went to Modupe Adefeso from YDNX. Even though my special friend thinks that it's a big "diss" to my company, (I laff) but she's actually a nice young woman so I'm happy to know that another young lady doing her thing took the award. I actually thought Femi Olagbaiye from MTV woulda won, but alas........

Here's my one shout-out to any blog friends......any of you know Olaotan Coker of What's New..? magazine and PR? please help a sista out and put us in touch with each other. This is business oh! so don't no body write me about his wifey or fiancee or girlfriend or whatever. I'm a girl tryna work...........

Oh and before I even forget....who's this new crush? Well e'ryone knows I loved my Ebuka from Big Brother Nigeria but ladies and gents.......i've found a new love! WildChild/IK i'm coming for you, yes you!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh.....I swoon!

PS - Bella Naija..............thanks for all the love and shout outs!!! Sisterly love is a beautiful thing, keep doing you mama!


naijagal said...

congrats on the nomination girl!! sounds like so much fun!

Mamarita said...

WOW! I'm glad you had tons of fun and have I said I am EXTREMELY proud of you. Like am amazed been talking to my dad about you sef and he's all like I should come to Nigeria....Am not as intelligent or as driven as you so I'll say congrats on the nomination again, am sure next time will be bigger and better and you'll win and have your name rolled around in someone's tongue....maybe even more than your name sef:)

Bella Naija said...

Wow...congrats Lola...even though u didnt win, U should still be proud of your achievements...its sooo huge that u were nominated!
The person that won, what exactly does she do? never heard of her or her company...
About Peter, hmmm he seems to be the hot stuff these days with girls named Lola lol (if u dont get it, check my blog)

Anonymous said...

alol, which IK/WILDCHILD? eeeekkk works with SilverBird or is it with the Galleria or Rhythm sef???, the Dry StandUp Comedian, Playboy etc. has he split with his last gf...pls we have alots of gist when we see in uk next month, but pls give me a buzz a week to ur arrival, lots of talk , take care my sister from another mother. fso

Pls ...find out whats is it you can have in daytime, nighttime, anytime and at funtime, firsttime and once ina lifetime ..a puzzle for all in the mkt team..share w my babe Jemmy

Anonymous said...

Lola said...

Naijagal - thanks!
Mamarita - aww, thanks jare, NR love! if you're thinking or remotely contemplating coming back, my advice is not to talk to too many people about it, don't think too much about it, just decide, put it out of your mind and work towards the D-Day lol! I'm not too sure I want more rolled in Peter's tongue oh!!!

Bella - Thanks girlie! Modupe works for Youth Dynamix a subsidiary of LTC-JWT. The company does research for the youth market. It's very new but trust me, that kinda work is PAST NEEDED in this country. Either way, i'm happy for her. Oh, yeah, Pete (that's wha i call him hehehe) loves his Lolas.....they came to the event together sha....

FSO - for sure now, before nko? and please leave IK alone oh, unless u can hook up?!?!?! lol. too much gist, i'm sure u know your oga left.........

Anonymous with Olaotan's info - thanks! is that his own number, as in does he pick up or it's a colleague?

Anonymous said...

my sister....i'm very proud of ya! it's about time you kept us updated. Where are the pictures?

Love ya!

Queen of Procrasti Nation! said...

Yes! Pictures please! And who is this "special friend"? Update!!!

How u dey?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such stories. I love to read stories like that. Just add some pics :)

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