Merry Xmas and Happy New Yar'adua

Let me first say I wish everyone a very merry xmas and a happy new year!!! This year has been fulfilling and challenging at the same time. I'm very happy to be where I am and I thank God and wish all of you (and your families!) reading this a very blessed holiday.

Okay, I had to say that upfront before I go into my angry Nigerian politics rant. How can?!? I mean how can?!?! seriously..........where did Yaradua come from? His brother is dead abeg let him enter his grave properly jare. what nonsense. I was one of the "Dukists" as it has now been coined. I truly believed in this man. He had vision, he was educated, he had exposure and most importantly of all, he had the one quality ALL nigerian politicians lack.....a sense of service to the nigerian country and nigerian people. This spirit is what I liked the most about Donald Duke. I think it's important for a new generation to experience what it's like to have a leader that believed, a leader that wants to serve. I can't explain in words how sad I am that we've all been robbed of this opportunity. There's a new generation of us who actually dared to dream and believe in this new election coming up. We wanted a new Nigeria and for once in a very very very long time, it really was remotely possible. Yes, very remotely but there was still that small chance. For me to even see the billboards for Donald Duke everywhere, to witness that was like a whiff of change. And that has been snatched from us.

"Our Fathers Have Failed Us" - so the PDP "primaries" rolled on and Yaradua's name is endorsed by the party, by the Governor's committee of sorts, signed, sealed and delivered. I'm not sure which i'm more angry at. This idiotic play of things or the evidence that this country is as far from "Democracy" as one can ever be. Nothing works. Everything is broken down. And the men up there could give a damn less. There has been fuel scarcity for the last week and the government and media have both ignored this. No reason has been asked for and no reason has been duly provided. This for a country who is the sixth largest oil producer in the world. Shame. Shameful. It's time people realized our fathers have failed us.


Bella Naija said...

Happy New Year Lola
I have no comment about Nigerian politics..I dont want anything to annoy me this new year!
Anyway, hope all goes well....good luck at the awards!