Merry New Year Again!

All my readers, i've missed you so i swear it! It's gotten so bad now that people have now started to abuse me lol. I want to say my bad and all that but MAHN MI, if you know all the drama i've been going through....first I was studying for my GMAT (which i'm taking again), then looking for a j-o-b, then my job that i do have now just went BONKERS, then i almost went postal, then Christmas and the holidays came along with its drunken stupor and all of a sudden everything is alright again....whew! I'm telling you, ish was crazy..... make everyone happy i decided i was going to change my layout but i can't decide between this template and another one i'll set up in like a week. Anyone that sees both please tell me which one you like most. I thought myself html back in like 2001 so the formatting the whole thing is getting on my nerves. Sha i like this one cuz sunflowers are my favorite flowers but the other one is cool too, well you get my point now...

ok, i'm gonna share a secret with y'all. As i mentioned up there lotsa crazy things have been happening lately and I think in 2008, i'm gonna be asking y'all's opinion on lots of stuff. So part of the rough times were from work where for the first time in my life I had a direct boss who was just absolutely impossible - i say "was" cuz we're so past duking it out that now everyone is just chill in their own little corner. I mean can anyone say (micro-paranoid manager?!?!?) - again it's okay for me to write this here cuz BELIEVE me we've been past alla.....anyway so everyone kept on telling me to "manage my boss" and I swear I tried but the guy I think just had it in for me and I could just see my career going down the got so bad that one day after one spat like this i was so livid and marched right up to my director and as i was talking........................................i just started to feel this wet stuff on my cheeks. I swear it. I.! In my entire life i've always thought of myself as the utmost professional woman, an example showing all those businesswoman stereotypes where wrong and here I am, crying, in my directors office.

I think I learnt so much from that incident though, one, now i know why some women may get so frustrated and angry and the tears just flow, and two, i will NEVER EVER EVER do that again.

So what do you guys think about business women crying in the office place?

ok, let me share another story with you. this one is not so much a secret but hey, i'd like to hear your opinions still. So as i think i've blogged about before, in the Lagos "scene" everybody kinda knows each other, or at best people roll around in clicks. Anyway i've known this guy, let's call him Prince, i've known Prince for a bit, but on one particular day sha we just clicked and everything an started talking and hanging out quite a bit. I kid you not, that same like weekend a girlfriend of mine texts me that I should leave Prince alone that he has a girlfriend and is getting married in December. So I'm like, ok, tell me more about the situation but i got nothing more. I do a little more investigating and the people that I know that know him where like "uhm, nope, nothing no girlfriend" so i'm like aiiight, let's continue. I ask Prince repeatedly and dude is like "those people don't know me like that, they don't know my ish like that, no girl no marriage, if you're gonna be with me, then it's me and you, not me you and your girlfriends and this is all i'm ever going to say about this issue." So I drop it kinda.

Sha unfortunately in a couple months, Prince had to move abroad. Fine. We still kept in touch by phone and all that so i'm happy enough anyway. Fated December comes around and Prince is indeed in Lagos and of course not a wedding in site. Fine. Prince and I go out with friends and everyone is all liquored up so I ask Prince's best friend about it and dude is telling me, at top of voice mind you, "Dude has a girlfriend, just leave him alone, if y'all just wanna be friends with benefits then sure but nothing else is ever gonna come out of it." I kid you not.

Question is.....what do you guys think? what should i do? what would you do? keep in mind that i really like dude and dude has been kind to me.

Ok..............enough secrets for now. I hope those of you that have been abusing me are ok now, lol! Oh, I made the longlist for the Future Awards 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to anyone that went to the site and voted for me. I'll keep you guys posted. Tomorrow i'll add pics to the Nominee Party.


London. said...

Finally! Nonsense.


Numero uno...You cried in front of your boss, on the job, in the premises? Tsk tsk. You've just let all the independent women downnnnnnnn... ***Shakes head*** Bad move...baaad move. Don't worry too much tho', that experience makes two of us.

Part Deux...Omolola, lolade, Funmilola, leave trouble alone o. If Princes' best friend says brother got a girl, trusss brother got a girl. Especially when best friend is speaking inebriated...Smart women get hurt when they've been taken for a ride. A word is enuf...and this this is experience speaking.

Bullet three - Congrats on your nomination. You better win this time lol. Oh and by the way I thought you mentioned the awards were just for naija based young'uns. What's TP's name doing in that list? I don catch you.

I guess you can tell how much I've missed ya from my long-ass comment. See you soon...hopefully.

Lola said...

London thanks for staying with me jare....

1. yea i know it was really sad the crying, i've so blocked it out of my memory....
2. yea, the prince thing is kinda dead, on its last spark which is sad
3. TP also operates in Nigeria! :o) check out her ads in like city people and the like.

Daddy's Girl said...

I like the new template but I wish there was a bit more colour - but that's just my personal preference.

The crying - yes, it's not a good look, but hey it happened, and like you said, it won't be happening again. The direct boss you had sounds like a nightmare, I really can't stand the obsessive control-freak micro-managing type, so I utterly empathise. You wouldn't have cried if you weren't at your wit's end, and I'm sure the director understands that.

About the guy - honestly if his best friend is saying that, then I think you need to believe it... no point setting yourself up for unnecessary drama. But good luck, no matter what you decide.

Congrats on the nomination! I'm not sure if you won, but even if you didn't, being nominated is no mean feat.

Good luck with GMAT - you'll do great... And have a great 2008.