The More You Look, the Less You See

I've been thinking lately, and i know what i'm about to write will disappoint some folks but ah's part of the fabric that is moving back to nigeria. I've noticed lately that the little things that never used to bug me about lagos now annoy me to no end. You start to wonder, can these people EVER get it together???? Can Nigeria EVER get it together? Right among the fabric of our society is rudeness, hate, distrust, arrogance, corruption, inaccountability, selfishness. Now i'm not saying there aren't any's just that this post is about the bad so......

Last week I went to the dentist in this area i didn't know too well. So after pretty much like dental surgery (had to cut off part of my gums that had overgrown the tooth area....yeah WTF?), anyway, I was drugged up, just wearing out my anasthesia (sp?), so i see a bunch of guys (okada, aboki etc.) and i'm like let me ask for directions to the gate. Here's the convo:

ME: Ehrm, excuse me, please can someone tell me how to get to the get?
COLLECTIVE LOT: (nothing, they completely ignore me, one girl sorta shifts her eye so i figure i should ask her since the rest look like some hot shit is prickling their behind....)
ME: please which way is it to the gate?
GIRL: just go there (points to nowhere in particular) just keep going that way
ME: which way?
GUY FROM COLLECTIVE LOT: YOU, you're such a foolish girl, you no fit open ya mouth talk say good afternoon, dem no teach you well, look am.....psschew

NOW...tell me, what did i do to warrant such an abuse from an aboki wey no even know someone before? just dey rain abuse on top persin head...............I was sooooo angry. Why are people so mad just by looking at you? AIN'T MY FAULT u sitting under the scorching sun watching someone's gate...jeez. Attitude determines altitude baby. Idiot man.

Anyway, i can't even think of any concrete other examples, the above just came to mind as to how on any good day the thought "why the hell am in this twilight zone?" can come up.

Moving on.....funny thing happened on the way to work today. See, okada drivers are known to be especially reckless, forget about right of way and all that rubbish, okada riders no send, they'll come from the corner, from the left, from the right, from opposite directions, if they could jump on your car, they would. They break you side mirrors, your rear lights, your doors....pretty much anything and keep on trucking.

Anyway so this morning in front of the "TomTom Zebra Crossing" (wink*, wink*), an official was stopping traffic so a pedestrian could cross the very busy and dangerous road. The car in front (which was in front of the car i was in) sha stopped. A shiny new VW Audi with tinted windows and this mean looking dude inside. That's how the okada dude didn't stop sha and just rammed into the back of the VW with two other okadas following suit, of course the back lights just fell in pieces to the ground with this spiral spring thingie hanging out......KAI!!! GBESE!!! so that's how the driver door just opened and i SWEAR one shaquille looking but fatter and uglier mean mugging man just stepped out...................SHEGE!!! the person on the back of the okada just fastly jumped off and started walking fast the other way.......I LAUGH TIRE. you shoulda seen the face of the okada dude....LOL. Big Giant Man, just looked at him real mean and said "oya, to the side, to the side..." kai, i wanted to watch oh!!! but i was already late for work.....


One thought: NIGERIA vs. GHANA ---------->what do u think?
Second though: NY GIANTS vs. NE PATRIOTS ---------> sixth superbowl appearances, 3 superbowl championships, BRING HOME THE FOURTH BABY!!!!!!!!!!! GO PATS!!!!!!

ah.....let me leave y'all with this pic of my adorable, adorable, sweetheart. i love this girl sooo much ehn? she's my cousin's baby, and i'm thinking if i can love someone else's kid this much, then mothers must be really trying oh! :o)


Mamarita said...

LOL @ Okada hitting a VW. I hate driving in Lagos, thinking about it alone just scares the crap out of me, its so bad, I close my eyes when I sit in front, its craziness, thats what it is, and those Okada drivers need people to teach them a lesson, they think they own the road, even cotonou kekenawe no bad reach that point. Haba!

Lola said...

heeeey mamarits!!! wats popping?! listen, u have to forgive me for not getting back to you about your visit to naij. november and december where horrid months for me, so much going on, i rarely even go on NR anymore! i apologize and should be down in TDot this summer so hope to catch u then?

Misi said...

Some of the rudeness in Nigeria also come from the fact that you are female and look young. The thing in Nigeria is once they see you have those two traits regardless of the car you are driving or the amount of money you exhibit every dick and harrry around think they are lord over you. Hence giving them the audacity to address you the same way they would their househelp at home. A bunch of jack**ses actually threatened to beat me up after hitting my car and breaking my tail light on my last visit to Lagos. Of course I wasn't backing now. Its nice to see that mean looking guys like you described can put those crazy okada guys in their place. I hope he whoops the living daylights out of him.

Anonymous said...


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