Ok...Ok..Just This Last Time

ok, i'm sorry but i just have to blog about this. So i had a little get-together shindig at my place yesterday. started cooking from like 6am!, my cousins came, my friends came, and it was just good fun! had some curry goat, rice & peas (i was feeling jamaican what can i say!), meat balls, fried stew, stir fried vermicelli, lasagna, cake & custard, smoothies.....yummy!!! once in a while i like to cook a big meal and invite people to witness the fact that i can actually cook! cuz usually my house is spic and span and if u happen to just walk in (like naija peeps like to) the only thing you'll be having is water and maybe juice if you're lucky. if you're very lucky, you might get some peanut butter sandwich or some cereal!!! lol.

Anyhoo....soo my friend, the lovely and also very naughty Noble took me somewhere yesternight (no, nothing like that get your mind outta the gutta!). <<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>) yes, to DBANJ's house!!!!!! Because of this single event, i have learnt a few new things about myself and in general:

1. I am DEFINITELY a dbanj groupie
2. While i'm generally an okay hostess, i WILL abandon guests for a chance to hang out with said dude (i actually shocked myself with this one)
3. My shame levels are disturbingly low.
4. I don't really need to know you before jumping in the sack with you. (no i did not but i'm just saying...)
5. I now believe in love at first sight lol!

I think the more i feed this thing the bigger it grows which leaves me a bit worried but that's okay :o) One thing is though, i want to say i told u so to many peeps. While everyone was paying left right and center to go see his shows and stuff, i was so convinced that the first time i meet him truly, it would be like a one-on-one thingie not a mass giration and i was right!

Ok, i promise i won't mention dude's name on this blog again (this week - detox is 12 steps na...)

thanks for actually finishing this post lol!


Koko Da said...

I think the more i feed this thing the bigger it grows which leaves me a bit worried but that's okay

hnmmm what exactly are u feeding eh? koko?
and u said u've not been koko'd hmmmmmmmm na real hmmmmmmmm