Coming up..

Hello y'all! These are some of the blog topics running around in my head. I figured i'd write them down before i forget (which is usually what happens!):

Weighty Issues - chronicles of years of body issues, weight management, and losing 100lbs

Hope 2008: A new America - i'm tickled by the possibilities of a black president or a female president. can they really win the fight with republicans?

What's In A Name? - a revolt against changing the culture of calling people by initials in the workplace and calling people by their names!

I may gist and share a few more *secrets* along the way but let's see!



miss hotbody said...

Thinking of secrets, I really want to know if you ever got "down" with dbanj. Is his "coco" as famed?

Anonymous said...

So did he show you the koko? Cos you sound like you've been kokoed.

goodnaijagirl said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I want to hear about the weighty issues entry because I need to lose 100lbs sef!