Staying Faithful

To my blog that is! So many times during the day for weeks now I experience somehting or something comes across my mind and I just know i have to blg about it. But it seems, i'm afraid, that that's where it all ends. I think it, and in my head I've put it away and it just never quite seems to come to fruition. Some days it's just that I'm trying to write about something i've not written about before, or just a new experience or something. No one wants to hear complain complain complain.

You see, for those who have been following my blog from time immemorial, you'll have been following the journey of coming to Nigeria, working at a multinational that hadn't a clue how to properly repatriate a Nigerian, then to another organization that quite admittedly I didn't blog to much about (if at all) and then to where I am right now: an entrepreneur. Well, maybe I'm entering a new phase of it all yet again, so maybe its the right time to pick up blogging again. Okay, drumrollllllllllllll:

The truth is I'm tired of Nigeria.

Well let me explain. No i'm not tired of NEPA (what exactly is a PHCN) or traffic or LASTMA (per se) I'm just tired of the scenery and quite frankly the people. We have soooo much attitude ko? sheesh! You ask a simple question and because you have a slight accent (that in reality doesn't even really belong anywhere), what you get is so much attitude and rudeness. A lot of people go out of their way to just pull, tear, you down. But this post is not a bitchy post lol.

So I've decided to take a break.

I'm leaving the country for a little bit and heading to Switzerland for a wee bit. Why I hear you say??? Well, the opportunity came up and I just grabbed it with both hands (before the person offering the pad could change their minds quite frankly!). I'm so excited to be out of the country for a little while. I'm thinking maybe the time away would give me a freshened perspective of our dear beloved country. I miss bits and pieces already like facebooking and reading about people partying without me! That sucks lol. But mostly it's good. I walked home yesterday from the tube and I just felt really quite free and "loadless". It was nice not to be concerned (too much) about armed or otherwise dangerous thieves and to walk amidst the trees and all that and see people going about their business not giving a flying F what you're doing or wearing or kissing. lol. I wasn't kissing ooooo (not yesterday anyway) lol. I've also been taking just long leisurely walks through parks and eating "americana" food, lol. cheeses, smoked salmon, fresh tortellini's, greek food. YUM. and not actually breaking the bank on all these things. So fun times!

Now let's not get ahead of ourselves oooo. I'm still coming home to Naij. So much to do there and I have my business, and my friends and family.

Okayyyy moving along....did anyone catch any of the Low wedding shinding??? So nice and classy! Everything was done quite nicely and is possibly the best wedding I've seen in Naij. Usually Naija weddings are a NIGHTMARE for me (that's why i almost NEVER go to any). You have bride and groom sitting up on a stage somewhere looking just lost tired and like they've woken up in twilight zone with parents and all other strange "family" buzzing about in like a cacophony of colours and textures. MAD. who wants to do all that stuff???? sheesh. In my dreams I pray so fervently for like a nice quite ceremony at a small chapel with like maybe 10-20 peeps in attendance and then after like a fun dinner party in a garden like atmosphere where alcohol and laughter flows. But being Nigerian...........hmm....I better keep praying lol. What's with Nigerian parents anyway................but I digress sha. Lola looked lovely and relaxed and everyone looked like they were enjoying it so kudos to her for keeping it all together and beautiful!!!



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