Hello people! or person as the case may be!

So I finally figured out how to change the template.....YAHOOOOOOO! you guys don't know how long i've been trying to change the bloody thing. sheesh. At times, I'm just so....chuffed about me doing you know, technically, computerish things. Like i'm so not there. So now that i've finally figured out this thing, soo happy with myself!

One of the reasons I decided to take another crack at changing the template is that I'm gonna start another blog!..........ooooh I can hear you exhaling that i don't even update this one, how can I attempt another one??? Well the other blog is going to be a bit different to this one. I was inspired by a fellow blogger who has since quit blogging but essentially every other blogger out there writing about their relationships and their lives. I've always wanted to blog about my relationships but they (the exes lol) have always somehow found their way here so I just never did in case someone randomly came to this blog and then start beefing me. I can't have that. Soooo i've thought about starting a new one since then. Now I will. I won't share the address or link, you'll just have to find me and guess which one out of the million ones out there is Lola!!! :o) I'm actually soo excited about the new blog!

Don't worry, I'll still be posting as regularly as I can on this one so i'm not giving up on it yet!

Still en vacance/study break and I'm afraid i'm not very productive yet. I mean I've started studying and all but it's like i know nothing all over again!! This is gonna be so hard. Today I wanted to study but a friend dragged me out and then by the time we came back I had just eaten and had the --itis so then just decided to veg out and watch Brothers & Sisters (which is so fab by the way!). So I pray tomorrow I can get back to studying again :o( :o(

Till then....Ciao bebes!