Nigeria is DEAD!!!

Never has the opiatic, under-developing effect of religion in Nigeria been so clear to me as it was last night, watching NTA. There will be no major change in the way aviation is run here, so long as the crash is classified as an Act of God, and our response to it conditioned to be one of prayer. Religion Nigerian-style numbs every sinew of the body, freezes the brain, and erodes any possibility of rational response, and above all, transformative action. It is, at present, a malign force – a force which does not transform, which does not heal. It is, as Soul says, the most vicious colonial effect

Why is this country!?! I mean seriously. I was reading the above blog and the thing just hit me like a bus. I am one person that didn't really bother too much about the plane crash. Not because i don't feel for the ones that lost their lives, but i'm just tired of everything going wrong with the infrastructure and nothing being done about it. I guess i've just been resigned and complacent, and i guess that's just not good enough. I mean someone, somewhere's just gotta start fighting for the right things to be done at the right time. I don't know, this bug's just been awakening itself in me lately. I went to one of these dinners that i usually go to and someone said something quite interesting to me, she said "what's scary about nigeria is not that many people (qualified or not) want to run for president but that there's NO ONE that wants to run for the local council chairman. what's happening down there?!?!" Now that's a very scary thought with sooo many repercusions. For one, does it mean that people are just "placing their friends" in these positions? Does it mean that no one cares about the ordinary people? Or does it mean our top politicians are really unqualified and unproven? ALL very grim options my people. I have a friend who's running for House of Reps. Very young guy, maybe about 27. He has inspired me really. I think many other young people should start thinking about it. Start at the bottom level.

Now on to this airplane crash. This get's me so angry now. NOTHING is going to get done about this you know. We'll all gnash our teeth, and read newspapers voraciously in pity, but outside of that. NOTHING. Which kind of country is this were people won't lift a finger to even better their own selves. And we are all guilty.


Queen of Procrasti Nation! said...

Lo dear,

I've been so unfaithful... been meaning to update myself on your blog but just finally got around to it... KSA???? How in heavens did you get to do that without me? Gawd, I hope some of your good fortune befalls me soon!!!

Oh, and the plane crash... I dunno jare... I taya for our people, which is why I pray I find a job in this America soon so I don't have to come and see/listen to all that nonsense before I am rich enough to build myself an impenetrable ranch somewhere outside Lagos!

Lola said...

Hey bunmi, wasssuuuuuuuuuuuup! yes o, i've been busy "working" lately. hehehe. Sometimes the job is good as i get to meet all these people and go to these wonderful events. actually i don't know what tide is blowing in but i'm like on tv at least once a week now. it's weird. People'll like call me and be like, "yeah, i saw you on tv doing so and so" when i try to go out i'm always worried about what i wear so i don't appear on tv wearing the same thing twice!!! crazy, i know.

Anonymous said...


Can i get your autograph? :)

Anonymous said...

who's this? i suspect mimi............


Anonymous said...

mimi's ur sister o!

Lola said...

oh.........hahaha! sorry my phone got cut off yesterday!!

Anonymous said...

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