To Date or Not to Date

Has religion ever played a role in whether you date someone or not? Like right now, i'm having an issue with this. Really, i've never really gave a second thought to it. You like a guy, he likes you, good. We'll start with that and the rest of the stuff will work itself out. Any human's fundamental right includes the right to choose one's religion i believe and to choose and practice it freely, without condemnation. But would you as a christian, date a man who asks you to cover your hair in public? can you fast together during Ramadan? can you celebrate Salar together? Can you be quiet and take a background when he and other men are talking?!?! Are these stereotypes?!?! I know there are varying degrees of this. Some take a strictly orthodox view and some are little more liberal in their interpretations, but i'm saying y'all, this guy is kinda on the strict side. It's scary. And he's here assuring me that all that matters is the relationship between the two............uhm....NOT SO SURE BUDDY! He's like "my own pops married an Ibo woman who's not muslim so my family and myself are not like that"..............right, but HELLOOO?!?!!!!! YOU ARE, which says a lot about which side of the religion coin was winning in that household. hmmm..........i don't know sha. If there are any Hausa ladies or guys reading the blog, pls drop a note! Have you dated outside the religion and how difficult or easy was it?!?!

Considering that right now i'm loving Hausa boys, I may need to delve further it all of this. Dude was telling me about some sort of a celebration involving an Emir, complete with horse riding and full turban wear and everything, and warning me that, hmm............"you can't wear all that spaghetti strap things oooo!!!!" I'm already scared! But i tell him that shebi all those oyinbo women film these things for National Geographic, that i'd be fine. He's like, "have you ever seen video footage of inside the Emir's palace?" which i really haven't so now i'm really really, i don't want to offend anyone o!

Oh, and when someone says "May God save and keep us all"............can i say "Amen, in Jesus' name?!?!"

I need answers!


Anonymous said...

Hello lola,

This is Fanta...(I just wished you a happy b'day in naijarules and told you that I read your blog...wink, wink...yes, i changed my username. Okay, lets get to the topic at hand. As you know, I got married last year and my hubby is a christian and I am a muslim. The only reason why things are cool for me in that aspect is simply because my hubby is not a practising Christian. He is currently undecided and so it is a lot easier for me and so far so good. But if this guy friend of yours is that strict in Islam, I will advise you to think about it very well. I have a girlfriend who is currently going thru a similar problem. She is a Muslim married to the same. But she is not into Islam like her husband is and they are going thru a rough time. In fact as I type, the husband has packed up and left as he says he prefers a woman who is a practising Muslim like himself. The question is, didn't he know that his wife was not a practising Muslim when he married her nine years ago? DUH!!! So, ma dear, be careful and think things through. :-) :-):-)

Anonymous said...

My darling sister, methinks it might be wise for you to start investing in one of these o!

Love from the VA!

redman said...

I beg to differ with your suggestion. Thats too liberal.
Thy this.

david said...

me thinks you might consider leaving the dude to go marry someone just like him. It always starts with an "its just the relationship btw the two that matters" until you are well under his roof! Then you realise the only thing that matters is HIM!