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my mind's a little all over the place today..........have so much stuff mulling over in my heard and not much time to blog. My work is kicking my butt at the moment, it's very hard to be brilliant u know!!!! hehehe. but seriously thought i'm under pressure from my self and from "the big boss" to be exceptional at all times so the race is on...Anyway, this entry will be a bit disjointed sha.

First, something's been bugging me lately that i must blog about. It's that i've noticed that some people are so fake. Their relationships are largely periphereal, conditional type of friendships/relationships. As in, "ore asiko" (friend of the moment). When their moons change or their tides change, they quickly shed their skin and are on to the next thing. Some people tend to mistake that for being a "lean, mean" sort of go-getter. They misinterpret it as being focused but in reality it's more like tunnel vision and it's not a positive thing. I can't fathom living life like that. Me, i value the relationships in my life. If i don't like you as a person then I just ain't gonna bother with you but if I do then i'm a "ride or die chick", i'm with ya till the end. I'm a loyal friend and it just sucks that not everyone you meet is like that.

Which brings me to the second point, Friendships. Like I said anyone that knows me knows that i extremely value the friends in my life. They are absolutely my support system. People that love me and accept me for who I am, they know me and know that "the chick is a lil crazy" but it's alright u know. Let me shout out a few of them:
Afia - or 'Fifi or 'Fia. Afia is pretty much my longest running friend. I guess about six years now (i have friends for longer but we're not as tight as perhaps we were before so it's not the same). 'fia is a special babe on her own. She looks so small and timid but let no man be fooled, she packs a punch!!! I'm always amazed that guys always single her out and become very smitten with her very quickly cuz they think she's shy..........that girl is FREAKY y'all lol, lol. (Sorry Fia :o) ) One of the many cool things about Afia is that she's not judgemental and you can just call her and talk about ANYTHING. Nothing shocks this babe and she'll give you an objective point of view. She's also good at reminding you that "please, girl u can't do that broke!!!" yeah yeah yeah.

Enite - Enite is a party hard kinda girl. That's why there are many people out there who wouldn't believe that she's a more serious minded person than me! Her play time and her work time are very well delineated, she's a work hard, play hard sorta babe. Enite can be at the bar downing body shots of Vodka (i said body shots o!) but next morning she'd be very sad cuz one of her old patients is not feeling well or something. And she's a nurse! And a very hardworking and dedicated one too. She'll tell you the real too and is someone you can trust not to go gossiping cuz she really can't be bothered. Good peeps.

And then there's Dipo, Nicholas, Tayo et al. I would write blurbs on all of them but i just realized i'm tired so guess not...a simple shout out will do, sorry guys!

Thirdly, I've realized lately that i'm very proud of myself o! Very very proud of myself. A lot of people always ask me how I got my job, who do i know. And i'm like, no one. I did it on my own. Or who is the someone special that persuaded me to come to nigeria and i'm like, no one. I just did it. And there are many people that think and even convinced that the "big boss" and I have some sort of link, that's why he's shown confidence in me and i have to respond again. No. Nothing. It's my hard work and dedication and belief that nothing's impossible and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I really believe that. I've had so much opportunity come to me in the last year, that i have to wake up in the mornings and just give thanks to God. When I look at what i'm coming from, in the reality, and look at where things are now and how bright the future is, it's nothing short of amazing. Black Enterprise magazine used to have a feature on the top 100 businesswomen in America and everytime that issue came out, I used to read and read and reread every single profile. I even cut out the covers one time and pasted it in this book I had of what I wanted to acheive in my life. I remember that book and i'm happy cuz somehow, I can really see it. The path has actually cleared and it's not that far.

Finally, if one more ex of mine get married to the next girl they dated after me, I'm gonna SCREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!


LondonBuki said...

Good friends are the best!!! The ones that are there for you in all kinds of situations!

Are you serious? Your exes are getting married? Just think to yourself - Thank God I didn't marry him, he is someone else's wahala now! LOL!!!

I like your blog, I'll be back :-)

bibi said...

i'm addicted to forbes magazine...the forbes billionaire list is motivation..reading each persons profile drives me more to achieve or go after my dreams....we all need some sort of push.....good luk @ ur job..the road to succes is not easy..hang in there

Oluwafemi said...

Yea dear, i concure you are quite know i can say that again and are damn good a friend. Am still your favourite ABI, I wished i had met you long time AGO..i don't mean fuel.Quite good to be ambitious and read stuffs like Great Achievers profile and i do same too, lollla take it easy with ya work, is dat rite. The Road to Succes is not rough but Smooth for the committed and hardworking but its damn long a rod so you need a lot of water to endure and maintain your speed until you get to the finish you there pretty lady.

Lola said...

FSO!!!! welcome to my blog o! I hope to read more of your comments.....u should start one yourself, i'd love to read that for sure.........

londonbuki: thanks dearie, i like your blog too!

bibi: i saw this forbes list of top entrepreneurs under 25 to watch for and i was very inspired...