'Ol Time Killin'

Oh my!!! Today is just one of those days you know. Work has been trying these last couple of days as we go through some major restructuring. Those of you in the know, know what i'm talking about. I think if ever i'm in a company that starts to show these kinds of signs again, I will definitely bounce before you can say "jack robinson"!!! It's not easy.

All my Canada heads, my toronto heads, will appreciate this next video link. For those that don't know.........there's an artist called Kardinall Offishal. There's an artist called Jully Black. They are hip hop. They are Canadians. And yes, they are black. It takes a true canadian to really appreciate canadian hip hop, it's different and fresh. It's mostly not about bling and hos (check out Fabolous vid about nothing for reference). Some of you may remember Kardi from "Bakardi Slang" which was hot in the states for about a minute, he even made it unto 106 & Park in those days. Anyway, this song here is called "Ol Time Killin" and it's classic. I'm just feeling it today....

Go Chimamanda!!!

I'm very proud of Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie who has just won the Orange Prize for Literature. I'm sure she appreciates the 30,000 pounds prize that comes with it, that sure inspires me to write! But on a serious tip, the lady has accomplished something wonderful for herself and other young women out there who are inspired to put pen to paper and document their thoughts for the world. So my hats off to her! She should just share the money around now....Chimamanda, just plan small party for the boys (girls)!!! lol.


Mamarita said...

WOTTT!!! Kardinal Offishall rocks. Wow, dude, you're a real Canadian, props. I once saw Jully Black in concert, fabulous performer, and you know who's up and coming, a certain by the name of Constancia Lule, look for her, amazing voice, African Canadian all d way

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BOBBY said...

Kardinal Offishall is the man...

Are you Canadian????

Hey Mamarita...cant wait to see you in T.Dot on Friday

Lola check out www.ncrconline.com

I am in Canada as well...not a bad country...aye? lol


Lola said...

bobby, how can you not know i'm canadian?!?! OF COURSE!!! although the ottawa variety, i'm not big on torontonians....lol!

Anonymous said...

oh i love jully black..
Go Canucks!!
good to see some nigerian canadians in the house..