Magical Elections

I love politics. I love every aspect of it. To me it’s one of the most beautiful things about modern civilization. It is the ultimate test of democracy really. I’m not so much a staunch believer in democracy in terms of philosophy, but I do know that it is one that has worked in various fashions for the biggest economies and most successful nations in the history of man.

Yet, watching Nigeria’s elections circus (indeed the best descriptive word), leaves me completely disheartened, confused, and now complete apathy is beginning to set in. I’m sitting right now in front of the television watching the news coverage and I’m finding it hard to believe that this sort of…..magic, can happen so openly, and to feel so disconnected, even as a citizen, as the everyday person, is just sad.

In Abia state, apparently INEC did not get ballot papers in on time, SOOO voting did not start until about 5:30pm………..yes, read that again, 5:30pm!!! And even then it was in the dark, but that is a secondary problem I suppose. I’ve just watched presidential candidate Orji Kalu who just casted his vote at 7pm give such an emotional comment to the press. I don’t care too much for him, but it is his absolute right to contest for the presidential election if he can and be given a fair chance. But after spending all the time, money, and effort to now come to the ballot box and vote in the dark at 7pm!!! What feeling of disappointment that must have been. This is in the South East which will no doubt have most of his constituencies. How can ANYONE observing this think that this man has had a fair go at it? What kind of message does that send? What kind of gross incompetence and embarrassment is this for INEC? What is this monster we’re all dealing with?

In Lagos West and some other senatorial districts, elections for the Senate were cancelled completely to be held another day. What kind of????? How can anyone in their right mind think this is ok? Or free and fair?? Or what? What is this monster really?

Lately when people talk about the elections, I just find it cute. All the spitting that goes back and forth, it’s glazing over the real, REAL issue we all know, which is that elections in Nigeria are very very far from being the kind that celebrates democracy, far from being free, far from being fair. That’s the absolute truth. We are all afraid to say exactly that, because when you look back, those times (in the past) were SOOO rough, I understand that, but what is this we have? Nothing. Obasanjo picks who’s gonna be the next president and nothing but an American invasion will stop that act from coming true. We all know that. The curtain draws, the actors play the part, the “hero” wins, the puppet master is happy. This circus. The Nigerian elections. Circus 2007.

What monster are we all dealing with indeed?


yemiweb said...

I share your concern about the democratic process in Nigeria and particularly about the charade that we have just witnessed in the guise of an election.

It is so shameful that some so called national leaders can drag the image of a promising nation that carries the burden of the black world into the mud just to satisfy their selfish ambitions.

While Gen Obasanjo is giving himself a pat on the back in the midst of his court jesters for a resounding victory at the 'war front' he should be aware that he is the biggest loser because he failed when it matters most - what is the gain of his 8 years as civilian President when he cannot confidently line up his candidates for a free and fair election devoid of malpractices??

That is exactly how history will remember him!

Anonymous said...

Magical election-lol! i have heard abt the various ways they rigged the election and i am so upset!

Anonymous said...

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