What Shall I Blog About?!?!

I'm having a wonderful day today. I have terrible sinuses cuz of the dust in my house that I had to clean last friday. It's amazing that so much dust can accumulate in one week! But even the sinuses ain't getting me down today, no way Jose (yes, i'm so corny). Maybe it has to do with my going to Calabar, Obudu Cattle ranch to be specific, this Easter weekend. I've heard sooo much about how beautiful it is. Here are some pics I googled:

Yea...its nice ain't it? And the weekend is all planned out with a group of people I'm just too excited to go. But apart from that just generally happy right now, enjoying life, etc. I wanted to blog since last week but just didn't have the time to get around to it. Even now, i'm sneaking in time to do this! So what i've decided to do is write a small blurb/compilation of all the things I wanted to blog about since last week and their titles I had in my head (yeah, i'm strange like that). So here we go.

Adventures of Frick and Frack
I have at the company I work at, two people I'd like to call Frick and Frack (i have to be somewhat vague here since I think they've somehow discovered the blogging world recently. You see Frick actually has some sort of job security, but i'm not sure he/she (hence on known as hesh) knows that, so hesh is very bitter about "thinking hesh doesn't". Frack on the other hand, doesn't have a prayer (IMHO) and hesh has every right to be bitter I guess, but misery does love company so hesh has dragged Frick into his/her misery, and now, I'm not so sure Frick even has job security anymore. Anyway, they are bugging HELL outta me. Always looking you down, gossiping about EVERYTHING, backbiting, thinking that the world OWES them everything. Abeg jo! Maybe all the energy you pour into "analyzing" everyone else work, if all that energy was poured into................your own work (surprise!!!) then you'd be faring much better.
Whew....got that off my chest!

Friend or Foe?
Ok, here's the gist as sad as it may be o! I met a boy recently. We went out a few times, and just as I was starting to really get excited about it, dude calls me and has a "talk" with me. Here it is:
FF: Lola we need to talk about something cuz i'm sensing that you may be a bit confused about some things us, what are we, etc...
ME: uhm.....yes
FF: Ok, i thought so. well, i really like you, love hanging out with you and think you're a great gal but i'm just not into committed relationships right now.
ME: uhm....ok...but i'm not into "any other kind of relationship" right now either, especially not with you.
FF: Well, I'd love if we could still be friends...
ME: I don't think so. I'm not your friend, let's not confuse that either.

Anyway, that was my stance and i felt quite strongly about that. I mean i don't need more friends at all, AND i'm not going to be the "friend" that's secretly pining for the guy and dying inside e'rytime she sees him with some other jump off, i've been there, done that, got the therapy bill. But i'm weak really, and apparently we're friends now.......we'll see how that lasts, i'm VERY skeptical. I mean, I've effectively gotten him outta my system I think, but do I need that temptation at every turn.....?!?! Can a woman and a man, who have had chemistry if nothing else before, can they truly be friends?!?! Dude, if you're reading this (highly unlikely but...) there's no conspiracy theory behind it abeg....keep it moving jo.

Wedding Fever
Soooooooooooooo....I have a friend who in delirium (brought on by the combination of codeine and some heavy malaria medication) dreamt of her wedding. She has been "happy" ever since. But that's not the the crazy part. She is now planning the said wedding. YES. planning it, hall, dress, et al. EVERYTHING but the man, which, hmm...call me crazy but I think that's what should come first. To her credit, she has the man thing in the horizon but hmm...sha. For me i'd think I'd do it in steps: man, boyfriend, ring, fiance, engagement ceremony.........and before you know it.....WEDDING!!!! lol. I don't know, i'm just not too too too crazy about thinking about MY own wedding. Don't get me wrong, I love watching all those wedding channels, and love looking at the pics and all that, but somehow i don't really connect it to me! It's weird. Somehow i still don't see weddings as a passage right that MUST happen, to me it's still lodged in that fairytale part of my brain along with my cinderella stories. But anyway back to the story, this babe is now convinced, absolutely convinced that it was all a spiritual episode and the reality is coming REALLY soon so hey........i guess it'll save everyone time since she's already prepared. Maybe I should tell her to hurry up and book the hall now! LOL.

Anyway people, enjoy the Easter break!!!


Dami said...

hey lucky you,please come back with real pics lots of obudu pics

that your girl is something else,well thats a fast way no headache later just needs a man now

Anonymous said...

FB, you need a good spanki...smacking shio...Whatever happened to Pariii? You must blog about your Calabar trip complete with pics. Aiight?


Mamarita said...

Oh my goodness, Obudu cattle ranch looks so beautiful. HA!!! It doesn't even look like anything in Africa. It brings back memories of Germany!!! HA GERMANY!!!
Now you got me day dreaming again!

Anonymous said...

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